A CD shop caravan exhibition will be held in conjunction with the hall tour "POPMAN'S WORLD 2023"! (6/21 update)

In conjunction with the opening of the 20th anniversary hall tour "POPMAN'S WORLD 2023", which will be delivered with "the best set list" selected from the many songs that have been released so far,
You can only see it here at CD shops in various places!? Exhibitions of Sukima Switch will travel around.
Pre-orders for SUKIMASWITCH 7th Anniversary BEST "POPMAN'S WORLD -Second-", which will be released on Wednesday, July 5, are now being accepted!
Exhibits and sales goods are subject to change depending on the venue.Please come and visit us.   
[Update] Following Sapporo, the exhibition will be held in Hakata from 6/24.We will inform you about other venues and dates.

<Exhibition content>
■ Chronology of gaps 2003-2023
Nostalgic sales promotion POP etc.
■ Sukima Switch costume
■Comment video OA
■A word to the gap!message note

■It had a great influence on Sukima Switch!? A favorite album recommended by the two (with member captions)
■ Sukima Switch CD, Blu-ray
☆ For those who purchased during the exhibition period
Sukima Switch Logo Sticker (Pink ver. 1 of 2 types per purchase) will be given as a gift! 
■ café au lait tour goods
Tour 2022 "cafe au lait" thermo bottle (with carabiner handle) / smoke pink
Tour 2022 "cafe au lait" face towel
Tour 2022 "cafe au lait" genuine leather bracelet / khaki
* Sales will end as soon as the planned number is reached.Please note.

①June 6rd (Sat) ~ June 3th (Thu) Hokkaido・HMV Sapporo Stellar Place ☆Finished!Thank you for coming                                                        
[UPDATE] It has been decided that the event will be held at the following dates and venues.
②June 6th (Sat) - June 24th (Fri) HMV&BOOKS HAKATA, Fukuoka
③July 7th (Tue)-July 4th (Mon) Tokyo Tower Records Shinjuku store
④July 7th (Tue)-July 4th (Mon) Aichi Prefecture Tower Records Higashiura store
⑤July 7th (Sat)-July 15st (Fri) Ishikawa Prefecture・Tower Records Kanazawa Forus store
⑥August 8th (Tue)-August 8th (Mon) Miyagi Prefecture・Tower Records Sendai Parco store
⑦ September 9th (Wednesday) to September 13th (Tuesday) Kochi Prefecture / HMV Aeon Mall Kochi
⑧September 9th (Monday) to September 18th (Sunday) Okayama Prefecture HMV Aeon Mall Okayama

* Depending on the schedule of the store, the exhibition location may change within one store.
*Some exhibitions do not allow photography.Please note.

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