Track order of "POPMAN'S WORLD -Second-" announced! ! !The live video digest attached to the first edition and fan club edition is also released! ! !

The track order of SUKIMASWITCH 7th Anniversary BEST "POPMAN'S WORLD -Second-" to be released on Wednesday, July 5th has been decided! !

The rearranged and newly recorded "Ai" recorded on Disc 1 was produced by Seiji Kameda as "Ai ~ Our Colors ~", and "Boku Note" was recorded with a 50-piece orchestra as "Boku Note ~ for 20th Anniversary with The title is also a newly reborn song as "Orchestra~".
And for Disc 2 and Disc 3, Takuya Ohashi and Shintaro Tokita held a draft meeting to select songs from the songs released over the past 20 years, and the version and song order were completely selected by each of them, all-time best!
In addition, the live Blu- The digest of ray is also released.

Reservations for the fan club board will be accepted until 5:9 on Tuesday, May 23th! ! ! !
Please pay attention to the details of missing purchases.

▼ “Sukima Switch“ Live Full Course 2022 ”-20 years of live history-” digest video

SUKIMASWITCH 20th Anniversary BEST "POPMAN'S WORLD -Second-"
2023 years 7 month 5 Date (water) Release
DELUXE version (fan club limited) [3CD+2BD] PROS-1928 14,960 yen including tax (13,600 yen excluding tax)
First Press Limited Edition [3CD+1BD] UMCA-19069 7,480 yen including tax (6,800 yen excluding tax)
■Regular edition [3CD] UMCA-10094/6 3,850 yen including tax (3,500 yen excluding tax)

[CD/Disc1] 「BEST selection -2013~2023-」
All 15 songs
1. Indigo ~ Our colors ~ * New recording
(Original: Recorded in 3rd album "Yukaze Blend")
2.Ah Yeah !!
(Opening theme for the 2014 MBS/TBS TV anime "Haikyu!!")
3. Parabolava
(Yokohama tire "iceGUARD5" CM song)
4. The Star Container
("THE LAST -NARUTO THE MOVIE-" theme song)
(2016 TV anime "NARUTO Shippuden" opening theme)
6. Hanatsu
(Theme song for the 95th National High School Rugby Football Tournament)
7. Kanade re:produced by Sukima Switch
(included in the self-cover album "re:Action")
8. Mr. Kite
(Taisei Corporation "Singapore version" CM song)
9. Richelka
(Theme song for the TV Tokyo drama "Metropolitan Police Department Zero ~ Life Safety Division Anything Counseling Room ~ SECOND SEASON")
10.Future flower
(Johnson & Johnson Acuvue 2018 campaign song)
11. Revival
(TV Asahi Saturday night drama "Ossan's Love" theme song / "Theatrical version Ossan's Love ~ LOVE or DEAD" theme song)
12. Youth
(Johnson & Johnson Acuvue 2019 campaign song)
(Boat Race 2022 CM series "I am Boat Racer" image song)
14. Boku Note ~for 20th Anniversary with Orchestra~ *New recording
(Original: Movie "Doraemon Nobita's Dinosaur 2006" theme song)
-New Song-
15. Untitled (new song)

[CD/Disc2] 「TKY selection」
All 15 songs
1. Howl!
2. The Melancholy of Arsen
3. Shizuku
4. Me, Umbrella and Sunday
5. Lonely but waiting for tomorrow
6. Miss Landry
7. Song Liar
8. But my dear life
9. Tokyo
10. When you open
11. Would you like to come for a drink
12. Full power boy produced by Tamio Okuda
13. Twin Star Prologue
14. Last scene
15. SINK

[CD/Disc3] 「SNT selection」
All 15 songs
1.Over Driver
2. Travelers High
3. Summer Cosmonaut
4. Ishikoro Days
5.view ~Overdrive MIX~
6. Smokin Rainy Blue
7. Genome
8. Phone key
9.8 mm
10. Sai no hi
11. Akatsuki's poem (album ver.)
12. Christmas is coming
13. Sphere Feather
15. Realize

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