Sukima Switch 20th Anniversary BEST new recording "Ai" Questionnaire survey for fan club members!

It has been announced that the new recording "Ai" will be included in SUKIMASWITCH 2023th Anniversary BEST "POPMAN'S WORLD -Second-" which will be released on Wednesday, July 5, 20!

Rumored to be a hidden masterpiece of Sukima Switch (!?)
I want as many people as possible to hear “Ai”!I want to make a masterpiece that everyone knows from a hidden masterpiece!

Therefore, I would like all the fan club members to become a member of the cheering squad that spreads “Ai”!

What kind of song is "Ai" for the fan club members this time?
We will take a questionnaire and introduce it later at a questionnaire presentation in radio with participation by Sukima Switch!
Furthermore, at the presentation!You can listen to the new recording "Ai" as soon as possible!

We are waiting for you to join us!

*The surveys we received from everyone will be used as reference materials for future promotions.
* Listen to the questionnaire presentation in radio on the fan club site.
*Limited to fan club members.To participate, please follow the procedure for new membership to the fan club.

★ Survey period: April 2023, 4 (Sat) 22:12 to May 00, 5 (Tue) 9:23
★Click here for the questionnaire form▼

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