Sukima Switch 20th ANNIVERSARY Fan Club Tour "VIP Vol.4" April 4 (Fri) Zepp Fukuoka Performance

Sukima Switch 20th ANNIVERSARY Fan Club Tour "VIP Vol.4"
April 4st (Fri) Zepp Fukuoka performance

The fan club tour ``VIP Vol.
Mr. Kazuma Sotozono will participate as a guitarist instead of Mr. Masato Ishinari, who was originally scheduled to appear.

Please note that we cannot refund tickets due to band member changes for this performance.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Sukima Switch 20th ANNIVERSARY fan club tour "VIP Vol.4" Fukuoka performance
Date: April 4th (Friday)
Time: Doors open at 18:00 / Performance starts at 19:00
Band members: Dr Masayuki Muraishi, Bas Ken Taneda, Key Ura Kiyohide, Gt Kazuma Sotozono
Contact: Kyodo West Japan 0570-09-2424

DELUXE members: ¥7,000 (tax included)
Non-members: ¥8,000 (tax included)

Ticket applications are being accepted until 4:21 on Friday, April 18st.
▼Sukima Switch Official Fan Club “DELUXE”
* Up to 2 tickets per person
*It is possible to apply for 2 DELUXE members, 1 DELUXE member + 1 non-member.
※ preschool children admission not
* Tickets are required for elementary school students and above.


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