Sukima Switch 20th ANNIVERSARY Fan Club Tour "VIP Vol.4" April 4th (Wednesday) Zepp Nagoya Performance

Regarding the Sukima Switch fan club tour "VIP Vol.4" Zepp Nagoya performance scheduled for April 19 (Wednesday) today, today's performance has been postponed due to band member guitarist Masato Ishinari's seizure. Let me do it.
The schedule for the transfer performance will be announced later.
Please keep your tickets in a safe place as they can be used as they are for the transfer performance.

In addition, a special public live broadcast will be held from Zepp Nagoya as "Deradera 419" today.
The live video will be released on the Sukima Switch official fan club "DELUXE" site.
In addition, only those who have tickets for today's performance in Nagoya will be able to watch the live broadcast at the venue, so if you have time, please come and visit us.

Regarding the pre-sale of goods, the time will be changed as follows.
・Pre-sale: 16:17-30:XNUMX
・Doors open at 18:19 - Performance starts at XNUMX:XNUMX
*Sales end at 19:XNUMX.Please note that there will be no sales after the live distribution ends.

■ "Deradera 419" public live broadcast!
Performance schedule: April 4 (Wednesday)
18:00 Open / 19: 00 Start
Venue: Zepp Nagoya
Admission: April 4th (Wednesday) "VIP Vol.19" Zepp Nagoya performance ticket holders
*Please present your ticket for the "VIP Vol.4" Zepp Nagoya performance for authentication, but we will not collect the ticket, so please keep it in a safe place until the transfer performance.
*A separate drink fee will be charged at the time of admission.
Live delivery destination: Sukima Switch official fan club “DELUXE” site
*There are no plans for archive distribution.

In addition, the transfer performance may be unavoidably canceled if the schedule of the venue and members cannot be adjusted.
Future information will be announced on the Sukima Switch website and SNS.

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