Live CD "Sukima Switch TOUR 2022 'café au lait'" finally released on 2/15 (Wed.)!A collection of hilarious MCs selected from all tours, contents announced!

The contents of <Sukima no Hanashi ⑥> included in the live CD "Sukima Switch TOUR 2 'café au lait'" released on 15/2022 (Wednesday) have been announced!
The staff listened to the MC of all performances again, and 6 carefully selected types are included.
Whether you were at the venue on the day or not, please enjoy it.

Sukima's story ⑥ (MC collection)
"Saga Tosu" (2022.4.3 at Tosu Civic Cultural Center)
"Don" (2022.4.16 at Nara Centennial Hall)
"Finger Story" (2022.4.17 at Shiga Prefectural Arts Theater Biwako Hall)
"Get out of here!" (2022.5.20 at ROHM Theater Kyoto)
"Ohashi Photographer" (2022.6.23 at Tonami City Cultural Center)
"Virtual Takuya" (2022.11.23 at Niigata Terrsa)

Don't forget the LIVE CD & LIVE Blu-ray linked application lottery campaign where you can win an "original" café au lait "T-shirt (not for sale)"!
A notification sticker is attached to the product with the application entry code A.
Please be careful when purchasing.

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