“Sukima Switch TOUR 2022 “café au lait”” LIVE CD & LIVE Blu-ray linked application lottery campaign details decided!

An application lottery campaign will be held for those who have purchased each of the target products.      
"Original" café au lait "T-shirt (not for sale)" M size will be presented to 50 people and L size to 50 people by lottery! 

<application serial code A> and <application serial code B> are required for application.

[Campaign target product] A sticker with an enclosed notification is attached to the target product.Please check before purchasing.
● <Application serial code A> included        
Released on February 2023, 2 “Sukima Switch TOUR 15 “café au lait””    
            ・ CD first press UMCA-10091/2 <2CD> 3,520 yen including tax

● <Application serial code B> included
Released on March 2023, 3 “Sukima Switch TOUR 22 “café au lait” THE MOVIE”
            ・ DELUXE board (fan club limited) <2BD + 2CD> PROS-4911 11,000 yen including tax
            ・Blu-ray first press UMXA-10068/9 <2BD> 7,480 yen including tax

【Application method】
<application serial code A> and <application serial code B> enclosed in one of the target products are required.

[Application period] March 2023, 3 (Wednesday) 22:0 to April 00, 2023 (Sunday) 4:23

[Announcement of winners] We will replace the prizes with the shipping of the prizes (scheduled to be shipped in late April).

*Please pay attention to the delivery date when using the EC site.If you make a reservation with other products, it may be delivered according to the later release date.We cannot respond to delays in application due to reasons such as the product not arriving or being received.Please check the product arrival date and application deadline by yourself.                                                        
* You can apply for as many units as you like, but you will need one <application serial code A> and one <application serial code B> for each application.
*You cannot apply outside the application period.Depending on the time of day (especially when the deadline is approaching), it may be difficult to connect to the application screen.Please apply well in advance.
* Once you enter the serial code, it will be invalid after that.In addition, please be careful not to make a mistake in the input content as it distinguishes between uppercase letters, lowercase letters, full-width and half-width.

For details, please see the announcement flyer enclosed in the first press of each product.

[Contact] Universal Music Customer Service Center
TEL: 0570-044-088 (Mon-Fri 10:00-18:00 *Excluding weekends and holidays)
Contact by Email

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