Appeared on 10/4 (Sun) "Alpine Outdoors Presents" HAKUBA Yahoo! "FESTIVAL" "paid live distribution is decided!

For this performance, it has been decided that the new coronavirus infection prevention measures will be thoroughly implemented while following the guidelines of the government and local governments, and in addition to holding live audiences, paid live distribution will be provided.
For those who cannot come to the site due to self-restraint from moving, or who are feeling tired of corona due to the prolonged tension, we would like you to experience the comfort of a moment and the feeling of being in the wilderness of Hakuba. Live music live "Hakuba no Oto" will be delivered from.
We will deliver immersive images so that you can enjoy the charm of music festivals and Hakuba wherever you are in the country.

<Alpine Outdoors Presents "HAKUBA Yaho! FESTIVAL" ON-LINE>
* Sukima Switch will appear on 10/4 (Sun).

■ October 10rd performance delivery date: October 3rd 10: 3 ~
■ October 10rd performance delivery date: October 4rd 10: 4 ~
■ Early bird delivery ticket: September 9th 12:10 to September 00th 9:25 Early bird discount 23 yen (tax included)
 10月3日公演チケット:9月26日10:00~10月3日16:00 4,500円(税込)
 10月4日公演チケット:9月26日10:00~10月4日16:00 4,500円(税込)
■ Ticket reception URL:
* Those who wish to watch on both days will need to purchase a performance distribution ticket for each day.
* Please check the reception site for details on viewing.

Event official website:

■ Ticket re-release date for "HAKUBA Yaho! FESTIVAL ~ Hakuba no Oto ~" has been decided!

“Hakuba Noto” is a live music concert held at the summit of Mt.
Tickets will be released on the official event website and artist homepages from 7:18 on July 10th.
*This event has been postponed from May 2020 to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection.
Ticket sales were temporarily stopped. At the time of the October event, we will endeavor to prevent infectious diseases in accordance with the guidelines of the government and the government.
*Tickets purchased before postponement will remain valid.

<Alpine Outdoors Presents "HAKUBA Yaho! FESTIVAL ~ Hakuba Noon ~">
Dates: October 10 (Sat), October 3 (Sun)
Venue: Hakuba Iwatake Mountain Resort Summit Area Special Stage (12056, Kitajo, Hakuba Village, Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano Prefecture)
<<Artist decided to appear on Saturday, October 10>>
Rina Katahira/Yamada Yoshida/ISEKI/DEPAPEPE/Anri Kumaki/Gionko Inoue
<<Artist decided to appear on Sunday, October 10>>
Sukima Switch/SURFACE/ISEKI/Korezawa/Czecho No Republic/GAKU-MC
Ticket price: Block designation ¥ 7,000 (tax included, gondola lift round trip included, drink fee required at the time of admission)
       2-day pass ¥ 12,000 (tax included, gondola lift round trip included, drink fee required at the time of admission)
Entrance restrictions: Free admission for elementary school students and younger
Sponsor: HAKUBA Yahoo! FESTIVAL Executive Committee
Special Sponsor: Alpine Outdoors
Planning and production: Hafusha Co., Ltd.
Supported by: Hakuba Village Tourism Bureau, Hakuba Iwatake Tourism Association
Contact: Hakuba Tourism Development Co., Ltd. Sales Planning Division TEL: 0261-72-6900

<About ticket re-release date>
Saturday, July 7, 18:10-
Lawson Ticket L code: 73266
Ticket Pia P code: 183-969
E +

<Event Official Site>

[Request from the executive committee to customers]
The executive committee is in discussions with the relevant parties and is preparing to hold this event.
Prioritizing the safety of visitors, staff, and related personnel,
The following measures will be taken to prevent new coronavirus infection and spread.

<Implementation items>
(1) Alerting visitors to coronavirus infectious diseases
・Request to refrain from visiting due to your health condition (if you have symptoms such as fever above 37.5°C, cough and general malaise. In addition to fever, if you have taste and olfactory disorders, request to refrain from visiting. )
・A close contact with a person found to be positive for a new coronavirus infection, or a family member living together
Request for refraining from visiting those who are suspected to be infected by an acquaintance
* Regarding the above, the management staff and performers will be treated in the same way.
・We request thorough hand washing and finger disinfection at the venue.
・We will inform you of the inside and outside the venue and call for countermeasures against infectious diseases.

(2) Measurement of body temperature using a non-contact thermometer at the entrance of the venue
・We will conduct temperature measurements for all visitors near the venue entrance.
・People with a body temperature of "37.5℃" or above are not allowed to enter.

(3) Infection control in product sales area and food and drink area
・We will implement the following measures.
① Installation of alcohol disinfectant
② Staff mask wearing
③ Wearing disposable gloves

(4) Thoroughly secure social distance inside and outside the venue
・Regarding places that are lined up or crowded throughout the venue, depending on the characteristics of the place
We will implement measures to maintain a social distance. Thank you for your cooperation.
Also, after the performance, we will be departed from the regulation to avoid congestion.

(56) Information management for all event participants

We will complete the questionnaire before entering the venue.
Questionnaire will be pre-up to the official home page to the prospect of two weeks ago performances.
Please fill in the information on the day and hand it to the staff at the time of admission.

We will operate with consideration for the safety of visitors, staff, and related persons who participate in this event. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.