Office Augusta 30th MUSIC BATON Vol.10 Sukima Switch "The baton has passed" will be held!

Cast: Sukima Switch
Schedule: XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day (Sat)
Venue: Tokyo, duo MUSIC EXCHANGE
開場/開演:1st 15:00/15:30 2nd 18:30/19:00
Ticket: ¥7,000 (tax included, free, numbered, D fee not included)
General release: 8/28 (Sun) 10:00
eplus :

▼ Fan club "DELUXE" member advance reception
※The registration time has ended
Reception period: August 2022, 8 (Friday) 12:12 to August 00, 8 (Sunday) 21:23

[Information when entering]
In order to avoid crowding and congestion when visiting, we will guide you through distributed entrance at the time of admission.
Please come to the following time as a guide for each reference number.

15:00〜15:15 reference number 1〜250
15:15〜15:30 reference number 251〜

18:30〜18:45 reference number 1〜250
18:45〜19:00 reference number 251〜

If you do not make it in time for the estimated time, you will be asked to line up at the end of the line at the time of your arrival. 
Thank you for your cooperation.

Exclusive distribution of all performances of "MUSIC BATON" on U-NEXT !! (*)
Since it is an unlimited viewing distribution, anyone who is a monthly member of U-NEXT can view it.
Those who are in the free trial period at the time of each live distribution and missed distribution period can watch it at no additional charge.
You can also watch it on TV, so please enjoy the live performance with high image quality and high sound quality.
* Some performances other than real-time live distribution will be included.

<Live distribution>
February 2022, 9 (Sat) 3: 19-Live end time
* Delivery time is subject to change.

<Missed delivery>
As soon as you are ready-Friday, December 2022, 9 9:23

<Viewable device>
Smartphone / Tablet (U-NEXT app) / PC (Google Chrome / Firefox / Microsoft Edge / Safari) /
TV (Android TV / Amazon FireTV / FireTV Stick / Chromecast / Chromecast with Google TV / U-NEXT TV /
* Up to 1GB of traffic is consumed per hour for live distribution.We recommend watching in a Wi-Fi environment on the day.

"U-NEXT special page"
■9/3 (Sat.) Sukima Switch "The baton has passed" goods and CD sales!

Goods image

MUSIC BATON, Sukima Switch official goods, FC limited "up!!!!!!" CD will be sold at the following times.

▼Sales time
1st stage pre-sale 13:30~
2nd stage pre-sale 17:00~

Sales of both the 1st and 2nd stages will end at the start of the performance.
There will be no sales after the 2nd stage is over.Thank you for your understanding.

▼ "up!!!!!!" DELUXE version (fan club limited) will be on sale!
* Only fan club members can purchase. Please remember to bring your FC membership card.
[CD + Blu-ray] PROS-5918 ¥ 1,980 (tax included) / ¥ 1,800 (tax excluded)

Please contact our sales staff for details.