Sukima Switch 20th ANNIVERSARY "POPMAN'S WORLD 2023 premium"

Sukima Switch 20th ANNIVERSARY "POPMAN'S WORLD 2023" will be held!
Sukima Switch, which made its major debut in 2003, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.
The 20th anniversary hall tour "POPMAN'S WORLD 2023" will be held with "the best set list" selected from the many songs that have been released so far! !
It will be a special live packed with the charm of Sukima Switch, which can be enjoyed by those who have seen Sukima Switch live so far and those who see it for the first time, regardless of generation.
Then, in November, at Osaka-jo Hall, and in December, at Nippon Budokan, we will deliver live performances with the contents of the hall tour further enhanced as "POPMAN'S WORLD 11 'Premium'"!
Please look forward to what kind of live it will be! !

Sukima Switch 20th ANNIVERSARY "POPMAN'S WORLD 2023 premium"

Information on Sukima Switch 20th ANNIVERSARY "POPMAN'S WORLD 2023"[Here]
ScheduleSchedule / venue
Schedule: 11 month 25 day (Saturday)
Venue: Osaka Castle Hall, Osaka Prefecture
Opening / Starting: 16: 00/17: 00
General release date: Saturday, October 2023, 10 14:10
Inquiries: GREENS 06-6882-1224

Date: April 12th (Friday)
Venue: Tokyo Nippon Budokan
Opening / Starting: 17: 30/18: 30
General release date: Saturday, October 2023, 10 28:10
Inquiries: Sogo Tokyo 03-3405-9999
band membersMembers
<Band Member>
Dr: Masayuki Muraishi
B: Ken Taneda
G: Masato Ishinari
Key: Kiyohide Ura
Per: Tomoya Matsumoto
Sax: Masato Honma
Tp: Mitsuru Tanaka
Tp: Gushi Kenso
Trombone: Kanade Shikatou

1st Violin: Daisuke Kadowaki
1st Violin: Hanano Tajima
2nd Violin: Daisho Yamamoto
2nd Violin: Teru Takahashi
Viola: Seina Oshima
Cello: Toshiyuki Muranaka
Ticket informationticket
<Ticket Information>

Standing at the back of the stand 10,000 yen (with reference number, tax included)
*Viewing will be from the back of the stand seats.Admission is in order of serial number.
You will be seated in a seat where it is difficult to see the performers, stage production, images, etc.
Please note that we cannot offer refunds or seat changes after purchase due to viewing environment.

▼e+ first come first served
*Same-day ticket sales: November 11th (Sat) 25:0-00:19

All seats designated ¥ 11,000 (tax included) [SOLD OUT]

[Nippon Budokan performance]
As reserved seats and standing seats at the rear of the second floor are sold out, additional reserved seats with annotations are now on sale! !

Ticket: 11,000 yen (tax included) with annotation
*Reserved seats with annotations are seats where it is difficult to see the performers, stage production, images, etc.
Please note that we cannot offer refunds or seat changes after purchase due to viewing environment.

■Play guide advance
<Reception period> 11/29 (Wed) 18:00 to 12/4 (Mon) 23:59
<Sales PG>
· Ticket Pia
Lawson ticket
- e +
*Limited to credit card payments.
*One person can apply for up to 1 tickets per application.

★Student discount cashback! !
Student discount cashback to be implemented for the first time! Please come to Sukima Switch Live, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary, with students and families!
・Elementary school students to high school students will receive a cashback of 2,000 yen by presenting their student ID at the cashback counter at the venue reception on the day of the event.
・Even preschoolers are eligible for a student discount if they purchase a separate ticket from their guardian. (We will also check the parent's ticket at the time of authentication)
・After purchasing a ticket, please be sure to bring an ID that can confirm your age when accompanying a person eligible for a student discount (preschoolers and elementary school students can prove their age, junior high school students and high school students must bring a student ID card).
・Please note that it is limited to those who have arrived on the day. (Cannot be handled at a later date)
<Relaxation of concert holding guidelines>
As of May 2023, 5, the guidelines for holding concerts will be abolished as a measure against the new coronavirus infectious disease, and individuals and businesses will take voluntary infection control measures.
In response to this, even at the Sukima Switch performance, we ask that you take measures against infectious diseases at your own discretion for future performances according to your own physical condition and living environment.

Wearing a mask is optional.Also, there are no restrictions on what customers can say.There is no problem with singing or cheering during the performance, but please enjoy it as long as it does not disturb the audience around you.

The government has released "Infection control information" as reference information for voluntary infection control, so please use it.

Also, please check the notes below.

●Please take care of your physical condition before coming to the venue, and take measures to prevent infection, such as washing your hands and disinfecting your hands.
●Please be sure to follow the instructions of the venue staff so that the live can be held safely and securely.
●Photography/recording/recording during the performance is strictly prohibited.
●Please turn off your smart phone or mobile phone during the performance.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
"POPMAN'S WORLD 2023 Premium" goods information released!

A lineup of goods that can be enjoyed not only at live performances but also in everyday life!
Please stop by the goods department.
*Some hall tour goods will also be sold.

★Pre-sale of goods
11/25 (Sat) Osaka Castle Hall 11:30~16:00


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