A free trial event will be held where you can enjoy 50K video studio live with 360 Reality Audio, rearranged and rerecorded by a 4-person orchestra!

For two days on June 6th (Sat) and 17th (Sun), an event will be held at LIFORK Harajuku where you can experience real and powerful music appreciation!
"Boku Note", rearranged and re-recorded by a 7-member orchestra, included in the best album "SUKIMASWITCH 5th Anniversary BEST "POPMAN'S WORLD -Second-"" to be released on July 20th, will be performed live in a 50K quality studio. You can experience video and sound sources mixed with 4 Reality Audio, which realizes a three-dimensional sound field with a sense of immersion, only at the venue.
Approximately 360 minutes of content, including a comparison of stereo sound sources and 24 Reality Audio, documents on the day of recording, and comments from the artist himself.

The 360 ​​Reality Audio experience allows you to enjoy an immersive experience as if you were in the hall through the images projected on the large screen and the 360 ​​Reality Audio speaker system using multiple speakers.
Screening at the experience booth is a complete reservation system, and 16 people at a time for about 24 minutes [replacement system].You can apply from the June 2023 issue of Sound & Recording Magazine, a reader-only application, and Sukima Switch's official fan club "DELUXE".

Also, if you pre-order the greatest hits album "SUKIMASWITCH 7th Anniversary BEST 'POPMAN'S WORLD -Second-'" to be released on July 5th at the CD spot sale/reservation booth inside the venue, you will receive a venue-limited <another jacket (picture B)> as a pre-order bonus. I will give you a present.

[Event summary]
"Sukima Switch "Boku Note ~for 20th Anniversary with Orchestra~" in Harajuku powered by 360 Reality Audio"
Date: June 2023th (Sat) and 6th (Sun), 17
Saturday, June 2023, 6 Open 17:13 / Close 45:20
Sunday, June 2023, 6 Open 18:11 / Close 45:19
(The 360 ​​Reality Audio experience viewing is a 30-minute shift system)
Venue: LIFORK Harajuku (WITH HARAJUKU 1F, 14-32-3 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)
Fee: Admission free

Reservation application method:
■ Reader application for the June 2023 issue of Sound & Recording Magazine
Application period: April 2023, 4 (Tuesday) 25:00 to May 00 (Monday) 5:15
Recruitment number: 32 people (6/18 12:00~16 people, 12:30~16 people)
Winner announcement: Thursday, May 2023, 5
* Only one person per application, one-time participation, all seats designated

■ Apply from Sukima Switch Official Fan Club "DELUXE"
Application period: May 2023, 5 (Thursday) 25:00 to June 00 (Sunday) 6:11
Recruitment number: 384 people (total for 2 days)
Winner announcement: Tuesday, June 2023, 6
* Only one person per application can participate once, all seats are designated

Age Restrictions: Preschoolers are not allowed to participate

360 Reality Audio Experience Viewing Timetable:
14:00~ / 14:30~ / 15:00~ / 15:30~ / 16:00~ / 16:30~ / 17:00~ / 17:30~ / 18:00~ / 18:30~ / 19:00~ / 19:30~
※12:00~ / ※12:30~ / 13:00~ / 13:30~ / 14:00~ / 14:30~ / 15:00~ / 15:30~ / 16:00~ / 16:30 ~ / 17:00~ / 17:30~ / 18:00~ / 18:30~ /  
*=Sound & Recording magazine reader application frame

“Boku Note ~for 20th Anniversary with Orchestra~” 360 Reality Audio MIX headphone preview:
In the screening venue, a 360 Reality Audio experience corner will be set up with smartphones and headphones, where you can listen to "Boku Note ~for 20th Anniversary with Orchestra~" with 360 Reality Audio (experience only for visitors, no reservation required, first come first served).

CD sales:
We will set up a sales sukima in the venue.For reservations, you can choose to pick up at Tower Records Shibuya or deliver.
Please contact our sales staff for details.

Wearing a mask is a personal decision

<Entrance method>
Please gather in front of the venue entrance 10 minutes before the selected screening.When the time comes, we will confirm the winners and guide you to enter. (All seats reserved)
Please prepare the winning email with the reference number at hand and wait.

▼Precautions in the venue
<About shooting, recording, and recording in the venue>
Filming, recording, or recording the content of the screening is strictly prohibited.
Other than the screening content, it is possible to shoot and record with a smartphone etc. as long as it does not inconvenience the surrounding customers.Please pay close attention to the reflections of other guests.
★When posting photos you have taken on SNS, please add #BokuNote360RA to liven up the event.

Sponsorship / planning and production:
Office Augusta Co., Ltd.

Technical cooperation:
360 Reality Audio (Sony Corporation)

Ritto Music Co., Ltd.
Universal Music LLC

Contact Us:
03-3405-9999(月〜土 12:00〜13:00/16:00〜19:00※日曜・祝日を除く)