Cafe for the gap.

The flowers are added to various gaps to make the world a little brighter. The cafe of "Sukima Florist" has opened. Take a break with a cup of coffee. Give flowers to talk with your friends. Such a time should make every day brighter. Please enjoy the time to change your sukima.


~Christmas is coming~

 Harajuku 201 cafe 

Please enjoy the delicious tea that is particular to the shop.

2019/12/13 [fri] - 12 / 26 [thu]

Business hours: weekday11:00-19:00, weekend10:00-19:00
12/23 days only 18:30 end


Leather mini case (with hook)
¥3,700 (Tax excluded)
Mirror ~ Christmas Edition ~
¥1,636 (Tax excluded)
Seating mini tote bag
~ Christmas Edition ~
¥900 (Tax excluded)
Fun petit package
~ Christmas Edition ~

I'm looking forward to seeing what comes out!

¥700 (Tax excluded)
Christmas coming CD & socks set

The limited number will be sold out.

¥5,000 (Tax excluded)

*1 Every 1000 yen accounting...
Get "Can Christmas Badge" as a gift!
Those who have this can badge are only those who came to Harajuku Cafe★
Please stop by.


Spice curry Tea with boiled eggs

A spice curry with spicy curry and mochi barley from Niigata topped with boiled black tea eggs.

¥1,180 (Tax excluded)
Royal milk tea shake HOT/COLD

You can add tea to a handmade milkshake and add tapioca as a topping. Please stir well and enjoy.

¥790 (Tax excluded) With tapioca +¥100
Blended tea soda

Sukima Florist Original soda made with tea blended with carbonated water. It is a refreshing drink over the throat.

¥690 (Tax excluded) With tapioca +¥100