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The sukima florists have prepared "Miraika" for their mother's month.
Flower language: The future with you
〜Let's keep this little happiness forever

"Future Flower for Anniversary"
-Flower on Mother's Day-
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~Love Song Selection~"
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"Future Flower for Anniversary"
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May is Mother's Month

 Sukima Florist presents
Ski Mano Hanabata coloring page 

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This image can be used as a wallpaper for online meetings.

At "Sukima Florist", we will present a coloring book that both adults and children can enjoy, entitled "Let's have fun at home"!
May this year is Mother's Day...Please include your feelings of gratitude to your mother along with "Sukimano Hanataba" coloring page.

Please print out the coloring image and enjoy coloring.
hashtag #Mother's Day #Mother's month this year #Skip switch #Sukima Florist Please post and post to SNS.
Let's all complete a wonderful "bouquet"!
Sukima Switch may also try coloring! ?

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・About usage such as uploading images (hereinafter referred to as "modified images") that have been modified or edited (cutting, collage, etc.), except for use for coloring purposes.
The Company shall not be liable for any infringement of copyright or other personal rights.
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[Coloring] Ski Mano Hanabata JK
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[Coloring] standing
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[Coloring] sitting
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[Coloring page] MMM
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