LIVE Blu-ray & DVD "Sukima switch in Augusta Camp 2013"

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(DVD) ¥5,370 + tax (¥5,800 including tax) / AUBL-48

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Last year, "Sukima switch in Augusta Camp 2013" was held on Saturday, July 7, 27 at the Yokohama Red Brick Park outdoor special stage. "Augusta Camp 2013". Sukima Switch played the host role and played with Augusta artists Kyoko, Masayoshi Yamazaki, COIL, Yuko Araki (MI-GU), Chitose Moto, Tomoyuki Nagasawa, Motohiro Hata, Yura Sakai, and 10th anniversary to shine. , Recording premium live performances such as the masterpiece stage of the sukima switch!
All 19 songs / Recording time 143 min / Screen size 16:9 / Audio LPCM Stereo / Region ALL
○ Starring: Kyoma Switch Kyoko Masayoshi Yamazaki COIL Yuko Araki (MI-GU) Moto Chitose Tomoyuki Nagasawa Motohiro Hata Yu
(*COIL Yosuke Sato is not appearing because he is under medical treatment)
○ Date and time: Saturday, July 2013, 7
Venue: Yokohama Red Brick Park Outdoor Special Stage


● Clearance switch

●Sai Yu×Sukima Switch

●Kyoko x gap switch

●Original Chitose×Sukima switch

● Tomoyuki Nagasawa x Sukima Switch

●MI-GU×Sukima switch

●COIL×Sukima switch

●Masayoshi Yamazaki×Sukima Switch

● Motohiro Hata×Sukima Switch

● Clearance switch

● Forearm