Live Blu-ray FC limited "SUKIMASWITCH TOUR 2017 ”re:Action” THE MOVIE for DELUXE"


Blu-ray 1 form with luxurious booklet ¥6,800 (excluding tax) / PDXA-1001

The Blu-ray product that includes the first Sukima Switch to-Tour "SUKIMA SWITCH TOUR 2017 "re:Action"" and the pattern of Osaka Orix Theater, which became Chiaki music, will be released on December 12 (Wednesday) limited to the fan club!

Kazumasa Oda, Tamio Okuda, KAN, and Shinshin Brothers
Re-arrange and re-produce the latest album "re:Action",
"SUKIMA SWITCH TOUR 14 "re:Action"" is an anti-van tour that mobilized 17 people at 3 performances in 2017 locations across Japan.

Contains 19 songs from the representative song "Kanade" and "Zenriki Shonen" to the new song "Mr. Kite" and "Sayonara Escape".
In addition, "Kimi no Nari produced by Oda Kazumasa" with Kazumasa Oda who appeared as a surprise guest to the additional performance, and "Recirculation puzzle produced by KAN" with KAN who appeared in the Sapporo performance will be recorded.

TOUR A gorgeous booklet using photos from each venue, and documentary footage of the behind-the-scenes scenes of Chiaki Raku.

For application and details, go to SKIMA Switch Official Fan Club "DELUXE"
*This product is a fan club limited product. If you are not a fan club member, please take this opportunity to join the official Sukima Switch official fan club "DELUXE".