"SUKIMASWITCH Archive Live Box 2004-2007" [DELUXE edition (fan club limited) BOX set]

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■ "SUKIMASWITCH Archive Live Box 2004-2007"
[DELUXE board (fan club limited) BOX set]
2022 year 12month 14 Date released
<Reservation period: October 10th (Friday) 14:18 to November 00rd (Thursday) 11:3>
A special release of the "view" live video with sub-audio from "Sukima Switch 2004 First Tour 'Natsugumo Notabi' ~Japan Performance~ THE MOVIE" included in the BOX set!

▼ "view" with sub-audio (from Sukima Switch 2004 First Tour "Natsugumo Notabi" ~Japan Tour~)

Format: 4 titles below
"Sukima Switch 2004 First Tour 'Natsugumo Notabi' ~ Japan Performance ~ THE MOVIE"
"Sukima Switch TOUR '05 'National Shonen' THE MOVIE"
"Sukima Switch TOUR '06" Kuso Trip "THE MOVIE"
"Sukima Switch TOUR '07 'Yukaze Travel' THE MOVIE"
(4 Blu-ray Discs) + photobook (40p) + permanent storage box
Product number: PROS-4910 Price: 25,300 yen including tax / 23,000 yen excluding tax
A permanent preservation BOX set of 2004 performances from the initial live tour held from 2007 to 4.
"Sukima Switch 2004 First Tour 'Natsugumo Notabi' ~Japan Performance~ THE MOVIE" only comes with sub-audio for this BOX set.
A luxurious specification with a valuable photo book containing photos taken from 4 performances.
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