Live Blu-ray "Sukima Switch TOUR '07 'Yukaze Travel' THE MOVIE"

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Product number: UMXA-10067 Price: 6,380 yen including tax / 5,800 yen excluding tax
M1. 1+1
M 2. Sphere Feather
M 3. Would you like to come for a drink?
M 4. Ito no Intention
M 5. Tsukimigaoka
M 6. Akatsuki's Poetry
M 7. Planetary Timer
M 8. Indigo
M 9. Wish
M 10. Zlatina Luka
M 11. The Melancholy of Arsen
M 13. Helix
M 14. Guarana
M 15. Full Power Boy
M 16. Bokunote
(March 2007, 3 NHK Hall)

▼ Teaser video now available!

■December 12 release! Live Blu-ray "Sukima Switch TOUR '14 'Yukaze Travel' THE MOVIE" Released teaser video with comments from the artist himself!

Sukima Switch excavation premium live that entered the 20th anniversary year (4 titles released simultaneously)!
Includes the 3 nationwide tour Tokyo performances, which was held on the largest scale ever with the 2007rd album "Yukaze Blend"!

■ "SUKIMASWITCH Archive Live Box 2004-2007"
[DELUXE board (fan club limited) BOX set]
2022 year 12month 14 Date released
<Reservation period: October 10th (Friday) 14:18 to November 00rd (Thursday) 11:3>
Format: 4 titles above (4 Blu-ray Discs) + photobook (40p) + permanent storage box
Product number: PROS-4910 Price: 25,300 yen including tax / 23,000 yen excluding tax
A permanent preservation BOX set of 2004 performances from the initial live tour held from 2007 to 4.
"Sukima Switch 2004 First Tour 'Natsugumo Notabi' ~Japan Performance~ THE MOVIE" only comes with sub-audio for this BOX set.
A luxurious specification with a valuable photo book containing photos taken from 4 performances.
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■ CD shop first-come-first-served benefits
At the following CD shops, special benefits are available on a first-come, first-served basis for those who purchase the 12 Blu-ray works released on December 4th.
・ Visual sheet using each live photo
・Rakuten Books: Clear file (common to 4 works, design undecided)
The number of benefits is limited.
We recommend that you make an early reservation after confirming the availability of benefits in advance.

■ About reservations at the "Sukima Switch TOUR 2022 "café au lait"" venue
For customers who have made a reservation at the CD sales booth at the "Sukima Switch TOUR 2022 "café au lait"" venue, which is currently being held, an original book cover (B2022 size) with the tour schedule of "Sukima Switch TOUR 4 "café au lait"" I will give you
Reservations may not be accepted for some performances, so please ask the CD sales staff at the venue for details.Distribution will end as soon as the benefits are gone.