Live Blu-ray FC limited "Sukima Switch Streaming LIVE" a la carte 2020 "-I actually tried it!-THE MOVIE"

Sukima Switch's first attempt to pay for non-audience live <Sukima Switch "Streaming LIVE" a la carte 2020 "-I actually tried it!-"> Is recorded in full size!
In the official fan club "DELUXE", we solicited "songs that people who listen to the skimmer switch for the first time want to hear" from the fan club members, and based on that, the god Setri Live!
This time, "Boku no Oto" and "LINE", which were not shown at the live broadcast on the day, are also recorded as bonus videos!
In addition, DISC 2 contains the video of "LIVE a la carte 2020" that was uploaded to the official YouTube channel in the form of connecting past live videos.

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Sukima Switch Official Fan Club "DELUXE"

"Sukima Switch Streaming LIVE" a la carte 2020 "-I actually tried it!-THE MOVIE"
Release Date: October 2020.12.16, XNUMX
Form: Fan club limited DELUXE board (2BD) * With sleeve case
Price: ¥ 10,000 (excluding tax)
Product number: PDXA-1008 / 9
Benefits: Acrylic key chain
◆ Size: Width 70mm x Length 62mm x Thickness 2mm
* Please note that the size is subject to change.
* We will deliver it by setting it on a postcard-sized mount.
◆ Material: Acrylic resin


Sukima Switch "Streaming LIVE" a la carte 2020 "-I actually tried it!-"


-Bonus Movie-

Deluxer x Team Sukima Presents Selected by Sukima Switch and fan club members! Virtual live of God Setri! "LIVE a la carte 2020"


-Bonus Movie-