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up !!!!!!


DELUXE board (fan club limited) CD

Sukima Switch "up !!!!!!"
July 7th (Sat) Single song distribution release

■ Sukima Switch Boat Race song commercial version "up!!!!!! feat. Rouno" distribution start & MV released!

As the first attempt in history for Sukima Switch, which has been self-produced for all songs,
With the latest sound producer Rouno, it has a floor-like sound.
It is a song that can be said to be a new frontier for Sukima Switch, who has entered the 20th anniversary year of their debut and continues to challenge new things!

Sukima Switch "up!!!!!! feat. Rouno" Official Music Video

■ Sukima Switch "up!!!!!! feat. Rouno" Download & Streaming
Wednesday, August 8 DULUXE Edition (Fan Club Limited) CD Release [CD + Blu-ray] PROS-24 ¥ 5918 (tax included) / ¥ 1,980 (tax excluded) Limited sale within 1,800 [Limited set with goods (CD +) Blu-ray + Goods)] D2022CA-2 ¥ 1017 (tax included) / ¥ 3,300 (tax excluded) Click here for pre-order sales: Order period: July 3,000, 2022 (Sat) 7: 9-July 10, 00 (Thursday) 2022:7 <Product details> * CD (28 songs in total) * Blu-ray "Rival is myself last time! New record syndrome of skimmer switch !? [23 years old] "* up !!!!!! Waterproof pouch for original smartphone (included only in limited set) 1. up !!!!!! 2. up !!!!!! feat. Rouno 3. up !!!!!! (Instrumental) 4. up !!!!!! feat. Rouno (Instrumental)


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