DELUXE (FC limited) board


"Hot Milk" "Bitter Coffee" DELUXE (FC Limited) Edition

DELUXE (FC limited) board

Sukima Switch The original album, which has been released for the first time in about three and a half years, will be released simultaneously with two albums containing songs by concept!
The "Hot Milk" board is full of tie-up songs, including songs that have already been released, with the theme of "what is needed now".
One piece that recorded the POP side of Sukima Switch.on the other hand,
The "Bitter Coffee" board has the theme of "what members want to make now".
Includes the cynical world view that is the charm of Sukima Switch and challenging songs that have never been seen before.
A concept original album that completes the current Sukima Switch by combining the two albums!

[Sukima Switch concept original album "Hot Milk & Bitter Coffee" special site]

<Outline of work>
Concept original album
"Hot Milk" "Bitter Coffee"
November 2021, 11 Two copies released at the same time

Product form / price:
・ DELUXE (FC limited) board (CD + Blu-ray) Special BOX specification ¥ 10,000 (excluding tax) PDXA-1903

◆ "Hot Milk" "Bitter Coffee" CD shop benefits Designs decided!
A special pattern with a beard as a motif is available.
The "Hot and Bitter 2in2 beard sleeve case that can store two" is designed so that each product can be seen through the large beard.
For details, [This page]



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