Sukima Switch TOUR 2020-2021 Smoothie

The live sound source of "Skima Switch TOUR 2020-12 Smoothie" which started in December 2020 at Nakano Sun Plaza Hall in Tokyo on December 2021 is recorded, and the CD is a collection of laughter MC carefully selected from each performance as a bonus track. Is also recorded.

◆ Live CD "Sukima Switch TOUR 2020-2021 Smoothie" digest released!

The digest of the live CD "Sukima Switch TOUR 4-21 Smoothie" to be released on 2020/2021 (Wed.) has been released!

The recorded songs include 17 new and old hit songs such as the theme song "Barking!" Of "Animal Elegy" (TV Asahi), the new song "Aketara" that was unveiled for the first time in the live performance, and the representative song "Kanade". In addition, a collection of laughter MCs carefully selected from all the performances is included!

● Sukima Switch TOUR 2020-2021 Smoothie LIVE CD Digest

◆ "Sukima Switch TOUR 2020-2021 Smoothie" LIVE CD & LIVE Blu-ray / DVD interlocking application lottery campaign information ◆

The <application ticket A> included in the first press of the LIVE CD "Sukima Switch TOUR 2021-4 Smoothie" released on April 21, 2020
Released on May 2021, 5 LIVE Blu-ray / DVD "Sukima Switch TOUR 26-2020 Smoothie THE MOVIE" <Application Ticket B> enclosed in the first press
By lottery from those who applied on each postcard
We will present a DVD containing the special video "Sukima Switch made a smoothie!" To 100 people.
[Application deadline] Must arrive by Tuesday, June 2021, 6
[Winning announcement] We will replace the prize by sending it out.

* Please note the delivery date when using the EC site. If you reserve the LIVE CD and LIVE Blu-ray / DVD together, they may be delivered according to the late release date.
* You can apply for as many units as you like, but one postcard will be one set of <application ticket A> and <application ticket B>.
For details, please see the announcement flyer enclosed in the LIVE Blu-ray / DVD.

[Release details]
Title: Sukima Switch TOUR 2020-2021 Smoothie Release Date: 2021.4.21
Price: ¥ 3,200 (excluding tax)
2CD: UMCA-10082 / 3

-DISC 1-

* Including plane toro

-DISC 2-

Sukima Story ➄ * MC collection

-Enclosed benefits-
"Sukima Switch TOUR 2020-2021 Smoothie" LIVE CD & LIVE Blu-ray / DVD
Linked application lottery ticket included!


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