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Novel posting site "" Regal Lily Award Grand prize work
A reading work by Honoka Takahashi of "Wearing Light" has been released!

With the theme, "If there was a war tomorrow, we wouldn't have parted over something like this." Zhang Bunkyo) has released a reading work by Vo.Gt. Honoka Takahashi on the official YouTube channel of Legal Lily.

"Hikari wo Matota" is the prequel to the song "Tomorrow's War ga Okiru Nara" released on August 2022, 8.
Please enjoy the night together.

Also, collaboration goods of [Regal Lily x x Village Vanguard] will be on sale until 4:2 tomorrow, 23/59 (Sun.)!See below for details.

Honoka Takahashi's recitation work "Wearing light" (Author: Bunkyo Zhang)

■ Original text "Wearing Light" (Written by Zhang Wen-Kung)

■ Click here for the music video for "Tomorrow's War ga Okiru Nara"

■ Digital EP "Koi to Senso" STREAMING&DL

■Regal Lily x x Village Vanguard collaboration goods now on sale!

*Since sales are only available at the online store, please see the URL below for details.
Sales page:
Village Vanguard Official HP:

  • Legal Lily 10th Anniversary TOUR 2024
    "We Are the Barefoot" venue-exclusive CD bonuses unveiled!

  • A live report from the first day of Regal Lily's 10th anniversary tour, held on July 7th - Marine Day - has been released!

  • The Music Video for the new song "Tenkirin" released today is now available!

  • The full album "kirin" will be released on Wednesday, August 8th!
    The track "Tenkirin" will be released in advance on Tanabata Day (July 7th).
    Additional shows in Tokyo and Taiwan have also been announced as part of the tour!

  • "Regal Lily 10th Anniversary TOUR 2024" merchandise revealed!

  • Regal Lily will be appearing on TBS's "PLAYLIST" on Tuesday, June 6th!

  • The title of the 10th anniversary national tour is "We Are Barefoot."
    7/5 vs. Bang project “Rock and Roll Claw”
    Sleep with Cody Lee. It has been decided that he will appear!

  • TV anime “Dungeon Meal” non-credit ending
    (2nd season) 5 person version “Kira no Ash” released!

  • Cody Lee's new song "Seikatsu" released today
    Honoka Takahashi will be participating in the guest chorus!

  • From today's "YouTube Live in KIARKIRA"
    A live performance video of the new song "Kira Kira no Ash" will be released for a limited time.
    “Regal Lily 10th Anniversary TOUR 2024” third advance registration has started!

  • New single “Kira Kira no Ash” released today!
    To commemorate the release
    YouTube Live “Regally YouTube Live in KIRAKIRA” will also be held.

  • Broadcast on "YouTube Live at Unmanned Station" last year
    The full video of Honoka Takahashi's ``swing'' has been released!

  • To commemorate the release of “Kira Kira no Ash”
    Instagram Live and YouTube Live will be held!

  • TV anime “Dungeon Meal” x “Kira no Ash”
    Special collaboration movie released today!

  • “Regal Lily 10th Anniversary TOUR 2024” second advance registration has started!

  • Technics “Unforgettable scenery and music”
    Interview with Honoka Takahashi published on Music Natalie.
    Also in charge of narration for concept movies and radio commercials.

  • Legal Lily special will be aired on Street Vision in Sakae, Nagoya!

  • TV anime “Dungeon Meal” x “Kira no Ash”
    A special collaboration movie will be released!

  • TV anime “Dungeon Meal” ED theme song “Kira Kira no Ash” MV released!

  • 4/11 (Thursday) at Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO venue
    “Kira Kira no Ash” Single venue limited pre-order benefits have been decided!

  • New single “Kira Kira no Ash” will be released on May 5th!
    TV anime "Dungeon Meal" newly drawn illustration package.
    Special in-store purchase benefits are also available!

  • New song “Kira Kira no Ash” released today!
    TV anime “Dungeon Meal” 2nd season ED theme song

  • Nationwide tour commemorating the band's 10th anniversary
    “Regal Lily 10th Anniversary TOUR 2024” will be held!

  • The new song "Kira Kira no Ash" has been selected as the ending theme song for the second season of the TV anime "Dungeon Meal"!
    Distribution release on April 4th!

  • Regal Lily
    “Regallily “LIVE HOUSE TOUR 2024”” goods released!
    Venue limited CD purchase benefits are also available!

  • New artist visual released. Guests for the ARABAKI special stage have also been announced!

  • Notice of withdrawal from Yukiyama (Dr.)

  • 3 Month 2 (Sat) 10: 00
    Regally “LIVE HOUSE TOUR 2024” general sale starts!

  • The music video for the new song “Haru ga Hite” released today, February 2st, has been released!

  • New song “Haru ga Hikai” will be released today, February 2st (Wednesday)!

  • In AOKI's Freshers new TV commercial
    Honoka Takahashi sings "Uegeba Takashi". Currently being broadcast nationwide.

  • Regal Lily
    “LIVE EXPERIENCE of DYNAVISION-LED “inside my ( )”” goods released!

  • The new song “Haru ga Hikai” will be released on February 2st! The jacket artwork has also been released.

  • New song “1” released today on January 17th & “17” Music Video released!

  • YouTube Live project on January 17th, the release date of the new song “1”
    “17 MINUTES LIVE + 17 MUSIC VIDEO” will be held!

  • 1/17 (Wednesday) 10:XNUMX p.m.
    TOKYO FM/JFN 38 stations nationwide/“SCHOOL OF LOCK!”
    It has been decided that 3 members of Legal Lily will perform live!

  • New artist visual released!
    "Rickenbacker (10 ver.)" Music Video has been released to commemorate the 2024th anniversary of the band's formation.

  • The jacket for the new song “1” released on 17/17 has been unveiled!

  • TOUR 2023 “where?” and “cell,core 2023” goods will be sold online!

  • The third live sound collection “Lumen 3” will be released today, 12/20 (Wednesday)!

  • THE FIRST TIMES live report of “cell,core 2023” released!

  • A new song “17” that describes the emotions of a 17-year-old will be released on January 1th.
    A live house tour in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka will be held in spring! 17 year old tickets also available.

  • Legal Lily “cell,core 2023” goods released!

  • The first planetarium LIVE with an audience will be held on Friday, February 2024, 2!

  • 10/15 (Sun) Broadcast FM802 “802 BINTANG GARDEN”
    Honoka Takahashi appears as a guest on Kururi special program!

  • 12/10 (Sun) "cell,core 2023" General sale starts tomorrow, 10/14 (Sat).
    A playlist of songs selected by the members has been released!

  • 11/8 (Wednesday) Haremame and Honoka Takahashi's joint project "kikimimi2"
    Additional sales of standing room seats have been decided!

  • Honoka Takahashi is participating in singing.
    New commercial for Suntory “BAR Pomum” released today

  • Legal Lily TOUR “where?”《Tokyo edition》
    The second pre-registration for Tokyo Cinema Club starts on November 11st (Tuesday)!

  • New song “Swimming” Music Video released!

  • Regal Lily TOUR 2023 "where?"
    Tour goods released!

  • 5 consecutive weeks live video release project
    9/23 (Sat) “Behind the Classroom Door” has been released on YouTube!

  • New song “Swimite Yuketara” will be released today, September 9th (Wednesday)!

  • 5 consecutive weeks live video release project
    “Tokyo” has been released on YouTube on 9/16 (Sat)!

  • 11/8 (Wednesday) A joint project between Throw Beans in the Sky When It’s Sunny and Honoka Takahashi
    “kikimimi2” will be held!Guest is TETORA Uenoha Arion

  • Regal Lily TOUR 2023 "where?"
    Additional performances at Tokyo Cinema Club have been decided on November 11st (Tuesday)!
    "1997" live video released on YouTube!

  • Regal Lily TOUR 2023 "where?"
    Tickets for performances in Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Osaka, and Nagoya are now on general sale!

  • 5 consecutive weeks live video release project
    9/2 (Sat) "Haiki" has been released on YouTube!

  • September 9th (Wednesday) New song "Swimming if you can" will be released!

  • Notice of Cancellation of Regal Lily Takahashi Honoka Appearance

  • Hibiya Noon one-man live held in July will be released for 7 consecutive weeks!
    "Johnny" live video is released on YouTube today.

  • Regal Lily TOUR 2023 "where?"
    Tickets for the Sendai, Niigata and Sapporo performances are now on general sale!

  • "cell,core 12" to be held at Zepp Shinjuku on 10/2023 (Sun.)
    Sohei Oyamada (band set) and ANORAK!

  • Mail order sales of "Regal Lily YAON 2023" goods have been decided!

  • The annual “cell, core 2023” will be held!
    December 12th (Sun) at Zepp Shinjuku (TOKYO)!

  • "Regal Lily YAON 7" sale goods to be held on Sunday, July 2nd!

  • A tour around XNUMX locations nationwide "where?"
    Ticket second advance has started!

  • Tomorrow 5/27 (Sat) 22:00~ FM802 Honoka Takahashi will sing and perform live!

  • 5/29 (Mon.) 21:00, Takahashi Honoka's singing "YouTube Live at Unmanned Station" will be distributed!

  • Today, May 5th (Wednesday), the mini album "where?" will be released!
    All song trailers have been released on YouTube.

  • A nationwide tour "where?" will be held!
    Ticket advance reception starts today!

  • Commemorating the release of the mini album "where?"
    Honoka Takahashi singing in-store LIVE will be held!

  • 5/20 (Sat) "METROCK 2023"
    ABEMA's distribution timetable lifted!

  • "Metlock 2023 exclusive live broadcast! Day 1" appearance decision

  • Shindaita FEVER live video will be included in the first edition of the mini album "where?" released on May 5th!

  • From today to July 7nd (Sun) Hibiya Open Air Concert Hall
    General ticket sales have started!

  • Regal Lily "Machi no Hoshi" Live House Tour @ Shindaita FEVER
    YouTube archive delivery decision until 4/23 (Sun) 23:59!

  • 4/21 (Friday) One-man live to be held at Shindaita FEVER
    YouTube free live distribution decision!

  • New song "Haiki" music video released!
    Drama Paravi "The man next door eats well" theme song.

  • Mini album "where?" CD purchaser benefits have been lifted!

  • Regal Lily "Star of the City" New Merchandise Released!

  • Mini album "where?" will be released on May 5th (Wednesday)!

  • Novel posting site "" Regal Lily Award Grand prize work
    A reading work by Honoka Takahashi of "Wearing Light" has been released!

  • Regal Lily × × Village Vanguard
    Collaboration goods will be released!

  • Maguro Taniguchi (KANA-BOON) x Honoka Takahashi (Regal Lily)
    Cover the Mushroom Empire "Chronostasis"!
    Suntory "BAR Pomum" new CM released today.

  • From the YouTube content "With ensemble"
    Sound source distribution of "Alchemilla" and "Rickenbacker" has started!

  • New song "Haiki" will be released on 4/6.
    Kana Kurashina x Fuma Kikuchi W starring drama "The man next door eats well" decided as theme song!

  • Live sound source collection vol.2 "Lumen 3" released today, 8/XNUMX (Wed.)!

  • Live house tour "Machi no Hoshi" will be held in Kyoto, Aichi and Tokyo!

  • New song "60W" is released today!

  • Honoka Takahashi appeared as a guest on the YouTube channel "With ensemble"!
    The orchestral arrangement of "Alchemilla" will be premiered at 1:26 on 22/00 (Thursday).

  • "Catch me on earth" MV release commemoration
    Catch the #regal lily campaign!

  • "Catch me on Earth" music video released!

  • "cell,core 2022" goods are now on sale!

  • On January 2023, 1 release SawanoHiroyuki[nZk] 18th Album "V",
    Recording of "LilaS" in which Honoka Takahashi participated as a guest vocalist has been decided!

  • Hibiya Noon one-man will be held for the first time as a band on July 7nd (Sun) next year!

  • Regal Lily, Yukiyama & Yuko Araki's female drummer talk project released on YouTube!
    There will also be a special session of "Wonder Vogel" with Kururi and Masafumi Sato as guests.

  • Kazuki Arai (King Gnu) x Honoka Takahashi (Regal Lily)
    FenderNews public coverage report released!

  • Monocon 2022 “Regal Lily Award” grand prize and excellence award decided!

  • Honoka Takahashi is participating as a guest vocalist.
    SAKANAMON "1988" music video released!

  • Kazuki Arai (King Gnu) x Honoka Takahashi (Regal Lily) will hold an interview at FenderNews public coverage!
    Application for viewing starts today.

  • SAKANAMON full album "HAKKOH" to be released on 10/26 (Wed.)
    Honoka Takahashi participates in the guest vocals of the included song "1988"!

  • Regal Lily "cell,core 2022" "Nagoya Edition" Guest: Hitsuji Bungaku
    Additional sales decided to ease the venue capacity!

  • "Regal Lily Live Week" will be held every day from 9/19 (Mon.) to 9/23 (Fri.), where the latest live footage will be premiered!

  • Honoka Takahashi's first one-man rendition "Sagashimono Sagashi vol.1" will be held in Sapporo!
    A live video of playing and talking at the library is also released.

  • Autumn two-man project "cell, core 2" general sale has started.

  • Hitsuji Bungaku, My Hair is Bad, and Kururi have been decided as guests for the autumn two-man project "cell,core 2"!
    Starting today, Ticket Pia will start taking pre-orders for the 3rd round.

  • Music video for "Tomorrow's War ga Okiru Nara" from the "Koi to Senso" EP released today!

  • In commemoration of the release of the "Love and War" EP,
    YouTube Live in Library distribution decision!

  • It will be held at Shinjuku Takashimaya from August 8th to 10th.
    Regal Lily goods will be sold at "BAMD-T POP UP #5"!

  • A new song "Tomorrow's War ga Okiru Nara" will be collaborated with the novel posting site!

  • New song "Tomorrow's War ga Okiru Nara" from Digital EP is available today!

  • Music video of new song "Noir" has been released!

  • Regal Lily "Light Trap Trip" tour goods will be on sale online!

  • "Light Trap Trip" Tour Final Performance @Zepp DIverCity
    Paid archive delivery decision!

  • Digital EP "Koi to War" released on 8/10. "Nower" advance delivery decision!
    An anti-van project will be held in Higashi-Meihan in November!

  • A playlist of Regal Lily's static and dynamic songs has been released!

  • "Firefly hunting" delivery release!

  • "Kaze ni Todoke" is appointed as a new commercial for Bank of Iwate starring actress Non-san!

  • The second "Light Trap Trip" tour teaser starting this month has been released!

  • Live sound source collection "Regallily Live" Lumen "" will be released for 5 consecutive weeks!

  • For the concept tour "Light Trap Trip"
    The live video of the song "Saint Anger", which is the theme song of the tour, has been released!

  • To commemorate the participation in "TV Anime" 1-Eighty Six- "XNUMXst Anniversary Operation"
    Honoka Takahashi's "Alchemilla" church-playing live video has been released!

  • TV anime "86-2-Eighty Six-" XNUMXnd cool final episode ending theme
    SawanoHiroyuki [nZk] Honoka Takahashi participated in the lyrics / guest vocals of the new song "LilaS".Delivery start!
    Anime event appearance is also decided!

  • Starting this spring, a concept tour "Light Trap Trip" will be held at 13 locations nationwide!

  • 2nd Album "C and Living Things" comment feature released at Music Natalie!

  • "RudeLies Remix --Sakura Chill Beats Singles" is now available!

  • "Planet Trash" Music Video released!

  • Interview article posted on THE FIRST TIMES!

  • 2nd Full Album "C and Living Things" is now available!

  • 1/19 release, 2nd Full Album "C and living things"
    All songs teaser released!

  • 1/19 (Wed) 20:00 "Planet Trash" Music Video premiere will be released!

  • Takahashi Honoka covers Masayoshi Yamazaki's "Side Story" on the ENEOS WEB commercial.
    Animation commercials by animation writer Waboku are on air at ENEOS self-stations nationwide.

  • The new song "Tatakanai Raion" Music Video has been released!

  • Pre-delivery of the new song "Tatakanai Lion" has started!

  • Recorded on the first edition Blu-ray of the 1nd AL "C and Living Things" released on 19/2,
    Planetarim live video released on YouTube.

  • "Planet Trash" will be available on Christmas Eve today!

  • 1/19 release "C and living things" CD purchase privilege is decided!

  • The new song "Planet Trash" will be pre-delivered from the 12nd Album on Christmas Eve on 24/2!

  • Office Augusta 30th special site released !!

  • 12/10 CD purchase privilege at "cell, core" venue is decided!

  • 1nd Album "C and Living Things" will be released on 19/2!
    Higashi-Meihan one-man tour is also held!

  • The new song "Chuo Line" has been released!

  • 2nd SG "Alchemira" interview posted on SPICE!

  • Honoka Takahashi plays at the church.
    YouTube Live in Church will be delivered at 11:27 on Saturday, November 21th.

  • To commemorate the event against the band to be held on December 12th
    Regal Lily has released a playlist of songs by People In The Box and Soshi Sakiyama!

  • Held a panel exhibition commemorating the release of "Alchemira" at Tower Records nationwide.Autographed panel lottery gift plan is also decided!

  • TV anime "2-Eighty Six-" XNUMXnd cool ED theme "Alchemira"
    Anime collaboration movie released on YouTube!

  • Live video of "Witch" will be released on YouTube for a limited time!To commemorate the release, Sony Music Shop exclusive benefits have been decided!

  • People In The Box and Soshi Sakiyama will appear in "cell, core" to be held in Tachikawa on 12/10 (Fri.)!

  • New song "Alchemilla" Music Video released!

  • "Alchemilla" Music Video will be premiered at 10:23 on Saturday, October 20!

  • Released on 11/24 "Alchemira" Jacket drawn by anime & purchase bonus design lifted!

  • On December 12th (Friday) of Takahashi Honoka's birthday, the band event "cell, core" will be held at TACHIKAWA STAGE GARDEN!

  • From the 11nd single "Alchemilla" released on November 24th, the title song "Alchemilla" will be released today!

  • 2nd Single "Alchemira" will be released on November 11th (Wednesday)!

  • Soshi Sakiyama "Excess / Abnormal with Legal Lily" Music Video premiere will be released tonight at 20:XNUMX!

  • The new song "Alchemira" has been selected as the second cool ED theme for the TV anime "XNUMX-XNUMX-Eighty Six-"!

  • The sea will participate in the "Girlside POP UP SHOP in SHINJUKU MARUI" to be held at Shinjuku Marui Main Building from 9/3!

  • Soshi Sakiyama "Excessive / Abnormal with Legal Lily" pre-delivery started!

  • Inio Asano has released a collaboration MV with the original movie "Umibe no Onnan"!

  • Soshi Sakiyama "Excessive / Abnormal with Legal Lily" will be pre-delivered on August 8th (Friday).
    The first OA ban has been lifted in TOKYO FM "SCHOOL OF LOCK!" Broadcast tonight!

  • Regal Lily x movie "Umibe no Onnan" collaboration decision!
    Released a cover of Happy End's "Kaze wo Atsumete" movie insert song.

  • Regal Lily "the World Tour" GOODS mail order start!

  • Recorded in Soshi Sakiyama NEW SG "Believe" to be released on September 9th (Wednesday)
    Regal Lily participates in "Excess / Abnormal" with arrangements!

  • Honoka Takahashi made a guest appearance in a solo exhibition by manga artist I'm sorry.
    Live sound and singing live will be decided at the public bath!

  • Regal Lily song selection playlist "Ai no Uta" will be serialized at DIGLE MAGAZINE!

  • New song "Kaze ni Todoke" Music Video released!

  • August 8th (Wednesday) "Kaze ni Todoke" delivery release!

  • New song "Kaze ni Todoke" released on 8/4
    Photographer Shun Omiyama releases jacket photos and artist photos

  • 7/5 (Monday) at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM,
    Concept live "Tokyo" live report released!

  • The new song "Kaze ni Todoke" will be released on August 8th!

  • 7/5 (Monday) New goods to be sold at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM will be released

  • 7/5 (Monday) Member interview for Ebisu LIQUIDROOM "Tokyo" will be released at SPICE.
    A photo exhibition will be held at the venue on the day of the event!

  • 5/27 (Thursday) Regal Lily "the World Tour" Sendai CLUB JUNK BOX Performance Opening Change Notice

  • 5/21 (Fri) Regal Lily "the World Tour" Osaka / Umeda CLUB QUATTRO Performance Postponement Notice

  • 7/5 (Monday) "Tokyo" -Regal Lily "the World Tour" additional performance & "Marine Day" 3rd Anniversary- will be held at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM!

  • CD purchase privilege is decided only at "the World Tour" venue!

  • Regal Lily's new song "Heaven" is appointed as a CM song for Bank of Iwate starring actress Non.

  • Regal Lily "the World Tour" goods released!

  • Interviews with members of "the World" released today are now available on SPICE!

  • 4/7 (Wednesday) release 1st EP "the World" streaming distribution & DL start!

  • Released on 4/7, "behind the World" video showing the back side of the 1st EP "the World" recording production is released!

  • 4/7 release, from 1st EP "the World"
    A special trailer video that expresses the duality of the songs "Hell" and "Heaven" has been released!

  • At Tower Records Shinjuku & Umeda Osaka Marubiru, "Special Support Store Hell ver./Heaven ver." Will be held to commemorate the release of the legal lily "the World"!

  • 4/9 (Friday) 21: 00- Honoka Takahashi will appear in "Park Live" at Ginza Sony Park.
    Live streaming on YouTube and Instagram.

  • "Regal Lily's Recommendation" will be held at Village Vanguard stores!

  • Quruli's new album "Genius Love" Natalie special feature project
    Honoka Takahashi contributed a comment.

  • "The World" First Press Limited Edition Live DVD Teaser released on YouTube!
    In addition, "the World Tour" will be on sale from today!

  • At DIGLE MAGAZINE, "Tokyo" selected by Takahashi Honoka (Regal Lily) "playlist serialization started.

  • New song "Tokyo" Music Video released!

  • From the 4st EP "the World" released on 7/1, the new song "Tokyo" will be released in advance!

  • DAY ・ DREAM x Regal Lily collaboration goods XNUMXnd mail order sale start!

  • The new song "Tokyo" will be aired for the first time on 3/9 (Tuesday) on J-WAVE (81.3FM) "SONAR MUSIC" (21: 00-24: 00)!

  • In commemoration of the planetarium encore delivery, new goods will be on sale!

  • Details of the 4st EP "the World" released on 7/1 have been lifted!The jacket is also open to the public.

  • Midnight Planetarium -Midnight Planetarium Live- x Regal Lily "bedtime story" encore delivery decision!

  • To commemorate the release of the 1st EP, a one-man tour of spectators "the World Tour" will be held at 9 locations nationwide!

  • Honoka Takahashi participates in the guest chorus of Zukarader "Boogie Back"!
    Advance delivery & lyric video are also released.

  • 4/7 (Wednesday), 1st EP "the World" will be released!
    New artist photos are also released!

  • Legal Lily "1997 Day" goods are now on sale!

  • The live video of "1997" has been released from the one-man live performance of the audience held at Zepp Tokyo this month!

  • 12/10 Zepp Tokyo One-man "1997 Day" will be held at SPICE with member interviews!

  • Vo.Gt. Takahashi Honoka On December 12th, the birthday of the audience, a one-man live "" 10 Day "-I am the laboratory table of my world-" will be held at Zepp Tokyo!

  • Midnight Planetarium x Regal Lily "bedtime story" goods are now available!

  • Regal Lily recreates the world of the 1st Album live on the planetarium.
    "Midnight Planetarium Live-x Legal Lily" bedtime story "" will be held!

  • Today is the 7th anniversary of Ba. Umi's 5nd anniversary!
    "Regal Lily Room" has been opened.

  • News about live

  • "Bedside story," a reading plan, will be made into a goods item only for order-made production!

  • 1st Full Album "bedtime story" reading project
    ~bedside story~ starts on official Instagram.

  • ARABAKI ROCK FEST.Honoka Takahashi has been selected for the 20x21 session project "Arayo 20x21 SPECIAL -BABY A GOGO GIRLS BAND STAND Tohoku Rockenroll!!-".

  • Legal Lily goods now on sale at Natalie store.

  • Regal Lily "Hansie" (AL "bedtime story" recording) is selected as Iwate Bank CM song!

  • Legal Lily pre. "bedtime story" tour goods will be on sale online

  • -Regal Lily presents "bedtime story" refund information-

  • Live event cancellation
    And important notice about cancellation of appearance

  • Important notice regarding the performance of the Regal Lily presents "bedtime story"

  • Legal Lily presents "bedtime story" 3/19 Important notice regarding postponement of Sendai performance

  • Nationwide one-man tour legal lily presents "bedtime story" 3/14 Hiroshima, 3/15 Fukuoka performance refund method and transfer performance information

  • Nationwide one-man tour legal lily presents "bedtime story" 3/1 Sapporo, 3/6 Kanazawa, 3/7 Niigata performance Refund method and transfer performance information

  • Regal Lily presents "bed time story" 3/14 Hiroshima, 3/15 Important notice regarding postponement of Fukuoka performance

  • Regal Lily presents "bedtime story" 3/6 Kanazawa, 3/7 Important notice regarding postponement of Niigata performance

  • Regal Lily presents "bed time story" March 3 (Sun) Sapporo BESSIE HALL Notice regarding postponement of performance

  • For visitors to concerts, live events

  • Regal Lily 1st album released today!
    Music video release of "Hansy" "Ask for unconscious happiness".
    Up-and-coming actress Sakurako Konishi appears!

  • <Free paper with special calendar> will be distributed at CD shops nationwide!

  • Today arrived at the store! "Word panel exhibition" has also started at the CD shop!
    A Twitter campaign for "Signed colored paper with handwritten lyrics" is also decided!

  • The 1st Full Album release commemoration "Regal Lily Language Panel Exhibition" will be held!

  • Interview with Nonaka Takahashi on excite news! <Non girls KAIWA> released.

  • First-come-first-served benefits for 2st Full Album "bedtime story" released on 5/1 have been decided!

  • 2/5 release New song "1" Music Video released from the 1997st album "Speak to the same generation"!

  • A free live event will be held to commemorate the release of the 1st Full Album "bedtime story"!

  • 2/5 release New song "1" from 1997st Full Album "bedtime story" will be broadcast on 1/16 (Thursday) 21:00-24:00 on J-WAVE "SONAR MUSIC" for the first time on air.

  • Play list for 7 consecutive weeks on legal streaming and music streaming service!

  • 2/5 release, music video of new song "GOLD TRAIN" released from 1st album "bedtime story"! Advance delivery has also started.

  • Regal Lily 1st Full Album "bedtime story" released!
    The first 10-man tour in Japan will be held!

  • Tomei Osaka one-man tour, legal lily pre. "Emergence" new goods ban! & Official Lily official mail order page opens.

  • Legal Lilly, Chinese Football and NEW YEAR TOUR to visit XNUMX cities in China!

  • From the 9st single "Hanahikari" released by Regal Lily on 25/1, the music video of the title song "Hanahikari" of the theme song of the movie "Evil Flower" released on 9/27 has been released!

  • Regal Lily x movie "Evil Flower", Shimokitazawa mona records open collaboration cafe for a limited time