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  • Tomorrow 5/27 (Sat) 22:00~ FM802 Honoka Takahashi will sing and perform live!

  • 5/29 (Mon.) 21:00, Takahashi Honoka's singing "YouTube Live at Unmanned Station" will be distributed!

  • Today, May 5th (Wednesday), the mini album "where?" will be released!
    All song trailers have been released on YouTube.

  • A nationwide tour "where?" will be held!
    Ticket advance reception starts today!

  • Commemorating the release of the mini album "where?"
    Honoka Takahashi singing in-store LIVE will be held!

  • 5/20 (Sat) "METROCK 2023"
    ABEMA's distribution timetable lifted!

  • "Metlock 2023 exclusive live broadcast! Day 1" appearance decision

  • Shindaita FEVER live video will be included in the first edition of the mini album "where?" released on May 5th!

  • From today to July 7nd (Sun) Hibiya Open Air Concert Hall
    General ticket sales have started!

  • Regal Lily "Machi no Hoshi" Live House Tour @ Shindaita FEVER
    YouTube archive delivery decision until 4/23 (Sun) 23:59!

  • 4/21 (Friday) One-man live to be held at Shindaita FEVER
    YouTube free live distribution decision!

  • New song "Haiki" music video released!
    Drama Paravi "The man next door eats well" theme song.

  • Mini album "where?" CD purchaser benefits have been lifted!

  • Regal Lily "Star of the City" New Merchandise Released!

  • Mini album "where?" will be released on May 5th (Wednesday)!

  • Novel posting site "" Regal Lily Award Grand prize work
    A reading work by Honoka Takahashi of "Wearing Light" has been released!

  • Regal Lily × × Village Vanguard
    Collaboration goods will be released!

  • Maguro Taniguchi (KANA-BOON) x Honoka Takahashi (Regal Lily)
    Cover the Mushroom Empire "Chronostasis"!
    Suntory "BAR Pomum" new CM released today.

  • From the YouTube content "With ensemble"
    Sound source distribution of "Alchemilla" and "Rickenbacker" has started!

  • New song "Haiki" will be released on 4/6.
    Kana Kurashina x Fuma Kikuchi W starring drama "The man next door eats well" decided as theme song!

  • Live sound source collection vol.2 "Lumen 3" released today, 8/XNUMX (Wed.)!

  • Live house tour "Machi no Hoshi" will be held in Kyoto, Aichi and Tokyo!

  • New song "60W" is released today!

  • Honoka Takahashi appeared as a guest on the YouTube channel "With ensemble"!
    The orchestral arrangement of "Alchemilla" will be premiered at 1:26 on 22/00 (Thursday).

  • "Catch me on earth" MV release commemoration
    Catch the #regal lily campaign!

  • "Catch me on Earth" music video released!

  • "cell,core 2022" goods are now on sale!

  • On January 2023, 1 release SawanoHiroyuki[nZk] 18th Album "V",
    Recording of "LilaS" in which Honoka Takahashi participated as a guest vocalist has been decided!

  • Hibiya Noon one-man will be held for the first time as a band on July 7nd (Sun) next year!

  • Regal Lily, Yukiyama & Yuko Araki's female drummer talk project released on YouTube!
    There will also be a special session of "Wonder Vogel" with Kururi and Masafumi Sato as guests.

  • Kazuki Arai (King Gnu) x Honoka Takahashi (Regal Lily)
    FenderNews public coverage report released!

  • Monocon 2022 “Regal Lily Award” grand prize and excellence award decided!

  • Honoka Takahashi is participating as a guest vocalist.
    SAKANAMON "1988" music video released!

  • Kazuki Arai (King Gnu) x Honoka Takahashi (Regal Lily) will hold an interview at FenderNews public coverage!
    Application for viewing starts today.

  • SAKANAMON full album "HAKKOH" to be released on 10/26 (Wed.)
    Honoka Takahashi participates in the guest vocals of the included song "1988"!

  • Regal Lily "cell,core 2022" "Nagoya Edition" Guest: Hitsuji Bungaku
    Additional sales decided to ease the venue capacity!

  • "Regal Lily Live Week" will be held every day from 9/19 (Mon.) to 9/23 (Fri.), where the latest live footage will be premiered!

  • Honoka Takahashi's first one-man rendition "Sagashimono Sagashi vol.1" will be held in Sapporo!
    A live video of playing and talking at the library is also released.

  • Autumn two-man project "cell, core 2" general sale has started.

  • Hitsuji Bungaku, My Hair is Bad, and Kururi have been decided as guests for the autumn two-man project "cell,core 2"!
    Starting today, Ticket Pia will start taking pre-orders for the 3rd round.

  • Music video for "Tomorrow's War ga Okiru Nara" from the "Koi to Senso" EP released today!

  • In commemoration of the release of the "Love and War" EP,
    YouTube Live in Library distribution decision!

  • It will be held at Shinjuku Takashimaya from August 8th to 10th.
    Regal Lily goods will be sold at "BAMD-T POP UP #5"!

  • A new song "Tomorrow's War ga Okiru Nara" will be collaborated with the novel posting site!

  • New song "Tomorrow's War ga Okiru Nara" from Digital EP is available today!

  • Music video of new song "Noir" has been released!

  • Regal Lily "Light Trap Trip" tour goods will be on sale online!

  • "Light Trap Trip" Tour Final Performance @Zepp DIverCity
    Paid archive delivery decision!

  • Digital EP "Koi to War" released on 8/10. "Nower" advance delivery decision!
    An anti-van project will be held in Higashi-Meihan in November!

  • A playlist of Regal Lily's static and dynamic songs has been released!

  • "Firefly hunting" delivery release!

  • "Kaze ni Todoke" is appointed as a new commercial for Bank of Iwate starring actress Non-san!

  • The second "Light Trap Trip" tour teaser starting this month has been released!

  • Live sound source collection "Regallily Live" Lumen "" will be released for 5 consecutive weeks!

  • For the concept tour "Light Trap Trip"
    The live video of the song "Saint Anger", which is the theme song of the tour, has been released!

  • To commemorate the participation in "TV Anime" 1-Eighty Six- "XNUMXst Anniversary Operation"
    Honoka Takahashi's "Alchemilla" church-playing live video has been released!

  • TV anime "86-2-Eighty Six-" XNUMXnd cool final episode ending theme
    SawanoHiroyuki [nZk] Honoka Takahashi participated in the lyrics / guest vocals of the new song "LilaS".Delivery start!
    Anime event appearance is also decided!

  • Starting this spring, a concept tour "Light Trap Trip" will be held at 13 locations nationwide!

  • 2nd Album "C and Living Things" comment feature released at Music Natalie!

  • "RudeLies Remix --Sakura Chill Beats Singles" is now available!

  • "Planet Trash" Music Video released!

  • Interview article posted on THE FIRST TIMES!

  • 2nd Full Album "C and Living Things" is now available!

  • 1/19 release, 2nd Full Album "C and living things"
    All songs teaser released!

  • 1/19 (Wed) 20:00 "Planet Trash" Music Video premiere will be released!

  • Takahashi Honoka covers Masayoshi Yamazaki's "Side Story" on the ENEOS WEB commercial.
    Animation commercials by animation writer Waboku are on air at ENEOS self-stations nationwide.

  • The new song "Tatakanai Raion" Music Video has been released!

  • Pre-delivery of the new song "Tatakanai Lion" has started!

  • Recorded on the first edition Blu-ray of the 1nd AL "C and Living Things" released on 19/2,
    Planetarim live video released on YouTube.

  • "Planet Trash" will be available on Christmas Eve today!

  • 1/19 release "C and living things" CD purchase privilege is decided!

  • The new song "Planet Trash" will be pre-delivered from the 12nd Album on Christmas Eve on 24/2!

  • Office Augusta 30th special site released !!

  • 12/10 CD purchase privilege at "cell, core" venue is decided!

  • 1nd Album "C and Living Things" will be released on 19/2!
    Higashi-Meihan one-man tour is also held!

  • The new song "Chuo Line" has been released!

  • 2nd SG "Alchemira" interview posted on SPICE!

  • Honoka Takahashi plays at the church.
    YouTube Live in Church will be delivered at 11:27 on Saturday, November 21th.

  • To commemorate the event against the band to be held on December 12th
    Regal Lily has released a playlist of songs by People In The Box and Soshi Sakiyama!

  • Held a panel exhibition commemorating the release of "Alchemira" at Tower Records nationwide.Autographed panel lottery gift plan is also decided!

  • TV anime "2-Eighty Six-" XNUMXnd cool ED theme "Alchemira"
    Anime collaboration movie released on YouTube!

  • Live video of "Witch" will be released on YouTube for a limited time!To commemorate the release, Sony Music Shop exclusive benefits have been decided!

  • People In The Box and Soshi Sakiyama will appear in "cell, core" to be held in Tachikawa on 12/10 (Fri.)!

  • New song "Alchemilla" Music Video released!

  • "Alchemilla" Music Video will be premiered at 10:23 on Saturday, October 20!

  • Released on 11/24 "Alchemira" Jacket drawn by anime & purchase bonus design lifted!

  • On December 12th (Friday) of Takahashi Honoka's birthday, the band event "cell, core" will be held at TACHIKAWA STAGE GARDEN!

  • From the 11nd single "Alchemilla" released on November 24th, the title song "Alchemilla" will be released today!

  • 2nd Single "Alchemira" will be released on November 11th (Wednesday)!

  • Soshi Sakiyama "Excess / Abnormal with Legal Lily" Music Video premiere will be released tonight at 20:XNUMX!

  • The new song "Alchemira" has been selected as the second cool ED theme for the TV anime "XNUMX-XNUMX-Eighty Six-"!

  • The sea will participate in the "Girlside POP UP SHOP in SHINJUKU MARUI" to be held at Shinjuku Marui Main Building from 9/3!

  • Soshi Sakiyama "Excessive / Abnormal with Legal Lily" pre-delivery started!

  • Inio Asano has released a collaboration MV with the original movie "Umibe no Onnan"!

  • Soshi Sakiyama "Excessive / Abnormal with Legal Lily" will be pre-delivered on August 8th (Friday).
    The first OA ban has been lifted in TOKYO FM "SCHOOL OF LOCK!" Broadcast tonight!

  • Regal Lily x movie "Umibe no Onnan" collaboration decision!
    Released a cover of Happy End's "Kaze wo Atsumete" movie insert song.

  • Regal Lily "the World Tour" GOODS mail order start!

  • Recorded in Soshi Sakiyama NEW SG "Believe" to be released on September 9th (Wednesday)
    Regal Lily participates in "Excess / Abnormal" with arrangements!

  • Honoka Takahashi made a guest appearance in a solo exhibition by manga artist I'm sorry.
    Live sound and singing live will be decided at the public bath!

  • Regal Lily song selection playlist "Ai no Uta" will be serialized at DIGLE MAGAZINE!

  • New song "Kaze ni Todoke" Music Video released!

  • August 8th (Wednesday) "Kaze ni Todoke" delivery release!

  • New song "Kaze ni Todoke" released on 8/4
    Photographer Shun Omiyama releases jacket photos and artist photos

  • 7/5 (Monday) at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM,
    Concept live "Tokyo" live report released!

  • The new song "Kaze ni Todoke" will be released on August 8th!

  • 7/5 (Monday) New goods to be sold at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM will be released

  • 7/5 (Monday) Member interview for Ebisu LIQUIDROOM "Tokyo" will be released at SPICE.
    A photo exhibition will be held at the venue on the day of the event!

  • 5/27 (Thursday) Regal Lily "the World Tour" Sendai CLUB JUNK BOX Performance Opening Change Notice

  • 5/21 (Fri) Regal Lily "the World Tour" Osaka / Umeda CLUB QUATTRO Performance Postponement Notice

  • 7/5 (Monday) "Tokyo" -Regal Lily "the World Tour" additional performance & "Marine Day" 3rd Anniversary- will be held at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM!

  • CD purchase privilege is decided only at "the World Tour" venue!

  • Regal Lily's new song "Heaven" is appointed as a CM song for Bank of Iwate starring actress Non.

  • Regal Lily "the World Tour" goods released!

  • Interviews with members of "the World" released today are now available on SPICE!

  • 4/7 (Wednesday) release 1st EP "the World" streaming distribution & DL start!

  • Released on 4/7, "behind the World" video showing the back side of the 1st EP "the World" recording production is released!

  • 4/7 release, from 1st EP "the World"
    A special trailer video that expresses the duality of the songs "Hell" and "Heaven" has been released!

  • At Tower Records Shinjuku & Umeda Osaka Marubiru, "Special Support Store Hell ver./Heaven ver." Will be held to commemorate the release of the legal lily "the World"!

  • 4/9 (Friday) 21: 00- Honoka Takahashi will appear in "Park Live" at Ginza Sony Park.
    Live streaming on YouTube and Instagram.

  • "Regal Lily's Recommendation" will be held at Village Vanguard stores!

  • Quruli's new album "Genius Love" Natalie special feature project
    Honoka Takahashi contributed a comment.

  • "The World" First Press Limited Edition Live DVD Teaser released on YouTube!
    In addition, "the World Tour" will be on sale from today!

  • At DIGLE MAGAZINE, "Tokyo" selected by Takahashi Honoka (Regal Lily) "playlist serialization started.

  • New song "Tokyo" Music Video released!

  • From the 4st EP "the World" released on 7/1, the new song "Tokyo" will be released in advance!

  • DAY ・ DREAM x Regal Lily collaboration goods XNUMXnd mail order sale start!

  • The new song "Tokyo" will be aired for the first time on 3/9 (Tuesday) on J-WAVE (81.3FM) "SONAR MUSIC" (21: 00-24: 00)!

  • In commemoration of the planetarium encore delivery, new goods will be on sale!

  • Details of the 4st EP "the World" released on 7/1 have been lifted!The jacket is also open to the public.

  • Midnight Planetarium -Midnight Planetarium Live- x Regal Lily "bedtime story" encore delivery decision!

  • To commemorate the release of the 1st EP, a one-man tour of spectators "the World Tour" will be held at 9 locations nationwide!

  • Honoka Takahashi participates in the guest chorus of Zukarader "Boogie Back"!
    Advance delivery & lyric video are also released.

  • 4/7 (Wednesday), 1st EP "the World" will be released!
    New artist photos are also released!

  • Legal Lily "1997 Day" goods are now on sale!

  • The live video of "1997" has been released from the one-man live performance of the audience held at Zepp Tokyo this month!

  • 12/10 Zepp Tokyo One-man "1997 Day" will be held at SPICE with member interviews!

  • Vo.Gt. Takahashi Honoka On December 12th, the birthday of the audience, a one-man live "" 10 Day "-I am the laboratory table of my world-" will be held at Zepp Tokyo!

  • Midnight Planetarium x Regal Lily "bedtime story" goods are now available!

  • Regal Lily recreates the world of the 1st Album live on the planetarium.
    "Midnight Planetarium Live-x Legal Lily" bedtime story "" will be held!

  • Today is the 7th anniversary of Ba. Umi's 5nd anniversary!
    "Regal Lily Room" has been opened.

  • News about live

  • "Bedside story," a reading plan, will be made into a goods item only for order-made production!

  • 1st Full Album "bedtime story" reading project
    ~bedside story~ starts on official Instagram.

  • ARABAKI ROCK FEST.Honoka Takahashi has been selected for the 20x21 session project "Arayo 20x21 SPECIAL -BABY A GOGO GIRLS BAND STAND Tohoku Rockenroll!!-".

  • Legal Lily goods now on sale at Natalie store.

  • Regal Lily "Hansie" (AL "bedtime story" recording) is selected as Iwate Bank CM song!

  • Legal Lily pre. "bedtime story" tour goods will be on sale online

  • -Regal Lily presents "bedtime story" refund information-

  • Live event cancellation
    And important notice about cancellation of appearance

  • Important notice regarding the performance of the Regal Lily presents "bedtime story"

  • Legal Lily presents "bedtime story" 3/19 Important notice regarding postponement of Sendai performance

  • Nationwide one-man tour legal lily presents "bedtime story" 3/14 Hiroshima, 3/15 Fukuoka performance refund method and transfer performance information

  • Nationwide one-man tour legal lily presents "bedtime story" 3/1 Sapporo, 3/6 Kanazawa, 3/7 Niigata performance Refund method and transfer performance information

  • Regal Lily presents "bed time story" 3/14 Hiroshima, 3/15 Important notice regarding postponement of Fukuoka performance

  • Regal Lily presents "bedtime story" 3/6 Kanazawa, 3/7 Important notice regarding postponement of Niigata performance

  • Regal Lily presents "bed time story" March 3 (Sun) Sapporo BESSIE HALL Notice regarding postponement of performance

  • For visitors to concerts, live events

  • Regal Lily 1st album released today!
    Music video release of "Hansy" "Ask for unconscious happiness".
    Up-and-coming actress Sakurako Konishi appears!

  • <Free paper with special calendar> will be distributed at CD shops nationwide!

  • Today arrived at the store! "Word panel exhibition" has also started at the CD shop!
    A Twitter campaign for "Signed colored paper with handwritten lyrics" is also decided!

  • The 1st Full Album release commemoration "Regal Lily Language Panel Exhibition" will be held!

  • Interview with Nonaka Takahashi on excite news! <Non girls KAIWA> released.

  • First-come-first-served benefits for 2st Full Album "bedtime story" released on 5/1 have been decided!

  • 2/5 release New song "1" Music Video released from the 1997st album "Speak to the same generation"!

  • A free live event will be held to commemorate the release of the 1st Full Album "bedtime story"!

  • 2/5 release New song "1" from 1997st Full Album "bedtime story" will be broadcast on 1/16 (Thursday) 21:00-24:00 on J-WAVE "SONAR MUSIC" for the first time on air.

  • Play list for 7 consecutive weeks on legal streaming and music streaming service!

  • 2/5 release, music video of new song "GOLD TRAIN" released from 1st album "bedtime story"! Advance delivery has also started.

  • Regal Lily 1st Full Album "bedtime story" released!
    The first 10-man tour in Japan will be held!

  • Tomei Osaka one-man tour, legal lily pre. "Emergence" new goods ban! & Official Lily official mail order page opens.

  • Legal Lilly, Chinese Football and NEW YEAR TOUR to visit XNUMX cities in China!

  • From the 9st single "Hanahikari" released by Regal Lily on 25/1, the music video of the title song "Hanahikari" of the theme song of the movie "Evil Flower" released on 9/27 has been released!

  • Regal Lily x movie "Evil Flower", Shimokitazawa mona records open collaboration cafe for a limited time