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8/27 (Sun) Honoka Takahashi will appear on ABC Radio "Midnight Culture Boy"!

On the special program of ABC Radio Midnight Culture Music Variety "Midnight Culture Boy",
Honoka Takahashi and Ai Higuchi will be playing live on the radio!

8 month 27 day (Sun) 19: 00 to 22: 00
"SARAYA presents Radio de Live vs. Van Sunday messengers 2023 Summer-Easter for the first time in two years Higuchi Ai vs Honoka Takahashi (Regal Lily)-"
Cast: Atsushi Suzuki
Opponent: Higuchi Ai, Takahashi Honoka (Regal Lily)
Special appearance: Wakako Takeda
Broadcasting station: ABC Radio (AM1008/FM93.3)