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"J Festival App ROCK IN JAPAN" Legal Lilly participation decision!

ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2020 is scheduled to be held for 3 days at "J Festival App ROCK IN JAPAN",
Regal LilyDAY1: Saturday, August 8I will participate in.
"Rickenbacker" will be broadcast from the live footage of past appearances at RIJF, so please take a look.

● Delivery information

"ROCK IN JAPAN with J Festival App"

<Delivery period>
DAY1: Saturday, August 2020, 8 8:10-00:24 →Regal Lily Delivery Date
DAY2: Sunday, August 2020, 8 9:10-00:24
DAY3: August 2020, 8 (Monday/Holiday) 10:10-00:24

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