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Title: Haremame and Honoka Takahashi's joint project "kikimimi2"

リーガルリリー 『cell,core 2023』

● Schedule: Wednesday, November 2023, 11

● Venue: Daikanyama, throw beans in the sky when it's sunny

●Open 18:00 / Start 19:00

● Appearance:
Honoka Takahashi (Regal Lily)
Arion Ueno (TETORA)

●Ticket: 4,300 yen in advance / 4,800 yen on the day (1 drink fee of 600 yen is not included)
《Ticket purchase method》
October 10th (Sunday) 8:12 noon sales start
Additional sales of standing room seats have been decided at Peatix!
Sales URL:
Tickets SOLD OUT / There are no plans to sell tickets on the day.

*Those who have advance tickets (all seats reserved) will be notified first.
*Basically, you will be guided by standing room, but there are some chair seats (unreserved seats) available.Please note that this is a first-come, first-served basis.
*Up to 2 tickets can be purchased per person
*Admission in order of serial number

When it's sunny, throw beans in the sky

  • Performance name: Regal Lily “cell,core 2023”

    Zepp Shinjuku (TOKYO)

    ● Schedule: Sunday, April 2023, 12

    ● Open 16:00 / Start 17:00

    ● Ticket
    Advance ¥ 5,500- (D not included / tax included)
    · Ticket Pia
    - e +
    Lawson ticket

    General sale: 10/14 (Sat) 10:00 am
    Tickets SOLD OUT / There are no plans to sell tickets on the day.

    ● Appearance
    Regal Lily
    Sohei Oyamada (band set)


  • Performance name: pug/iot presents "so good" ep.1

    Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO

    ● Date and time: Tuesday, February 2024, 1

    ●Open 18:00 / Start 19:00

    ●Cast: childspot / Legal Lily / Helsinki Lambda Club

    ●Ticket: ¥4,500 (all standing)

    ●Ticket release date: December 2023, 12 (Sat) 9:10~

    ●Official 4nd advance
    November 2023, 11 (Thursday) 23:18 - December 00, 12 (Sunday) 3:23

    ●Inquiries: ATFIELD inc. 03-5712-5227 (Weekdays 12:00-18:00)


  • Performance name: “Legal Lily: LIVE EXPERIENCE of DYNAVISION-LED “inside my ( )””

    Konica Minolta Planetaria YOKOHAMA (Yokohama Gate Tower 2F)

    - Schedule: Friday, September 2024, 2

    ●Venue: Konica Minolta Planetaria YOKOHAMA (Yokohama Gate Tower 2F)

    ●Time: 1st Stage starts at 18:30 (doors open at 18:00) / 2nd Stage starts at 20:30 (doors open at 20:00)

    ●Price: 7,900 yen (tax included)