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Kirakira no Ash (Limited Edition/CD)

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◾️Limited edition (CD)
KSCL-3510 / ¥1,200+tax
Newly drawn illustration jacket/digipack specification

1. Sparkling Ash
2. Golem's Tears
3. Kirakira no Ash (Anime Size)
4. Kirakira no Ash (Instrumental)
5. Kirakira no Ash (Anime Size Instrumental)

<Feature Details>
■ (EC shop)
Mega jacket

■All TOWER RECORDS stores (including online/excluding some stores)
Takahashi Honoka handwritten golem sticker

■Seven Net Shopping (EC shop)
Jacket pattern acrylic key chain

■Rakuten Books (EC shop)
Jacket picture can badge

■Supporting store benefits
Jacket picture sticker

【Shizuoka Prefecture】
IKEA Aeon Mall Hamamatsu Shitoro store

[Aichi Prefecture]
IKEA Aeon Komaki store

Joshin Nihonbashi store 2F disc peer

【online shop】
Neo Wing

Nationwide Animate (including mail order)

*All benefits are limited in number, so
It will end as soon as it runs out. Please note.
*For each CD purchased, you will receive one purchase bonus.
*Excludes some eligible stores. Please contact each store for details.
*There will be no distribution outside of the target stores. Please note.