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| 1st Single

Hana Hikari

1. Hanahikari *Theme song for the movie "Evil Flower"
2. Witch *Insertion song for the movie "Evil Flower"

First Press Limited Edition (CD) KSCL-3197-3198/¥1,111+TAX
Illustration by Shuzo Oshimi Illustration jacket/Digipack specification/Enclosed bonus Ali

[First come first serve]

Released on September 2019, 9 25st Single Legal Lily "Hanahikari"
First Press Limited Edition [CD+Goods] KSCL-3197-3198 ¥1,111(+tax)
Regular Edition [CD] KSCL-3199 ¥888(+tax)

[Target stores/Special contents]

■TOWER RECORDS all stores (including online/excluding some stores)
Benefits: Original sticker sheet

■ Support shops and online shops nationwide
Bonus: First edition limited edition jacket picture sticker

*For the target stores, please check the URL below.

[Tower record collaboration panel exhibition information]
Regal Lily x movie "Evil Flower" collaboration panel exhibition
■Exhibition period: Tuesday, September 2019, 9-Monday, September 24
*The exhibition period may change depending on the target store.

■Target stores
Hokkaido: Tower Records Ario Sapporo
Miyagi: Tower Records Sendai Parco Store
Tokyo: Tower Records Akihabara store, Tower Records Shibuya store, Tower Records Shinjuku store, Tower Records Tachikawa Tachihi store
Aichi: Tower Records Nagoya Parco Store
Osaka: Tower Records Umeda NU Chayamachi Store, Tower Records Namba Store, Tower Records Abeno Hoop Store
Hiroshima: Tower Records Hiroshima Store
Fukuoka: Tower Records Fukuoka Parco Store