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| 2nd Single

Alchemilla (First Press Limited Edition)

■ First Press Limited Edition (CD + DVD)
KSCL-3335 ~ 6 / ¥ 2,300 + tax


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1. Alchemilla
2. Chain smoke
3. Rose flower (Kururi cover)

"Tokyo" -Regal Lily "the World Tour" additional performance & "Marine Day" 3rd Anniversary-
2021.7.5 Live at LIQUIDROOM
2. Witch
4. I'm glad I liked it.
5. the tokyo tower
6. Tokyo
7. Rickenbacker
8. Reach in the wind

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■ All Tower Records stores (including online / excluding some stores)
"Alchemilla" sticker sheet

■ Anime shop benefits (all Animate / Gamers stores nationwide including EC)
"4-XNUMX-Eighty Six-" original AXNUMX clear file

■ Rakuten Books
Jacket picture can badge

■ Amazon
Mega jacket

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