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Singer-songwriter, truck maker, DJ, poetry reading etc., genre, nationality, age do not matter.We are looking forward to your application with the best expression you can do now!


Those who do not belong to a specific production, label, or music publisher.
* Minors need parental consent.

How to Apply

Please enter the required information on the application form and the URL where you uploaded the sound source, video, lyrics, etc. to the WEB service such as YouTube or vevo.
* Please note that download-type storage services such as home files and data services cannot be used.
* Please note that we cannot accept any inquiries regarding the adoption of demo tapes or personal impressions.Applicable artists will be contacted within 3 months.

If you have any questionsClick here for the guidelines., for more information.

Handling of personal information and profile information

We are working on the proper collection, use and management of personal information in accordance with our personal information protection policy.
We are responsible for promptly disposing of personal information that achieves the above objectives.For detailed information such as our personal information protection policy, please refer to our "Privacy PolicyPlease check in "".

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