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Augusta Publishing Information for those who want to use managed songs

(XNUMX) Please confirm that the song is managed by Augusta Publishing by searching for works by the Japanese Society for Rights of Authors of Music (JASRAC) or NexTone Co., Ltd.

(XNUMX) You may be able to use the music only by applying to JASRAC or NexTone.First of all, please check with JASRAC and NexTone when you need to apply to the publisher.

[JASRAC representative phone number: 03-3481-2121]
[NexTone representative phone number: 03-5766-8081]

* Check the management status by searching for works in (XNUMX), and then contact the copyright management company with a circle in the relevant management category.
* If the management publisher is "Augusta Publishing Division 3", we are in charge of copying and using it in games, movies, and advertisements, so please proceed to ③.

③ If you need to apply for Augusta Publishing, please send us a proposal, summary, etc. that will help you understand the details of use from the following.

* Depending on the song, it may take several days to several weeks to confirm, so please contact us with plenty of days.
* Depending on the usage and music, permission may not be granted or the scope of permission may be limited.Please note.
* Regardless of the content of use, please contact us for use that involves modification of parody, translation, etc., and other uses that require consideration for the personal interests of the author (moral rights of the author) and emotions as the creator. ..
* When using a sound source produced by a third party, such as a commercially available CD or downloaded sound source, permission from the right holder (neighboring rights holder) of the sound source such as the record producer is required separately. ..
* Handling of personal information"privacy policy"