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There is a word that everyone has in common, but at what angle, at what speed, at what timing.
A person who understands it feels good to listen to music that expresses as it is, transcending calculation and reason.
Emi's sense of smell and sense are unique.
I'm jealous as a person who also sings songs (even though it's ok). I think it's a tingle. I like it.

SUPER BEAVER Ryuta Shibuya

You play the leading role in life.
Joy, anger, sadness, dreams, hope, frustration, and love are all up to you.
The theme song for your "Michi" is YAMABIKO.
Powerful and gentle, but never spoiled, the solitary words and singing voices will surely push your back, and the light of your heart will become a flame.

Photographer Rashi Hashimoto (SOUND SHOOTER)

I couldn't control what was coming up to her so many realistic words that came in front of me.
Not everyone realizes that what you envision will come true.
What I wanted to do, people I wanted to connect with, days when nothing went wrong.
Even if I stood up without being disappointed, the scenery in front of me didn't change, and even today I can only see my feet on the path I believed weakly.
Still, I turned my gaze to wipe my tears and stare at me, much more than today.
If you have something to do, walk with her song.

J-WAVE TOKYO REAL-EYES Navigator Takuma Fujita

Emi, congratulations on your major debut!
You first met about a year ago.
My first impression was that he was small and had a nice smile and was cute.
It was just overwhelming to see the powerful singing voice, the straight lyrics that touched my heart, and the cool LIVE performance.
I remember that I was surprised at what kind of power this delicate body could produce.
Nowadays, I listen to the powerful and loved Emi's songs at various times when I want to be energetic and when I want to get energized.
Once again, congratulations on your major debut.
I am looking forward to the music Emi creates.

Model Satoko Miyata

Nakamura Emi was first heard at a small live house in Shimokitazawa.
"What's this?"
A music giant in a small body.
I don't understand the music well, but behind Amy I could see such a monster.
XNUMX years since then.
She decided to face the music straight that day, and she was loved by the music, loved by those who loved it, and now she's ready to release the best one.
This is sure to change the world.
Amy, thank you for being alive at the same time as you.
Regardless of what mountain you climb in the future, I swear that I will chase in response to "Ohhhhhhh"
Congratulations on your major debut. Congrats. Congrats.

Actress Hitoshi Yoshida