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Self liner notes

"YAMABIKO" Self-Liner Notes

Having experienced various jobs for about 12 years,
I met a lot of people.
It’s amazing that you are playing music
It's often seen as a special,
For 40 years working for my family and my company
The appearance of the boss who retired was really cool,
An uncle who stands in the same line work silently every day with dirty work clothes,
You can identify a 0.1mm defect in a moment.
I thought I was a superman in the factory,
Save money and save for a house to build with kids and parents someday
I think my best friend who became a mother is a fine woman who can cry
They have different lives and goals,
But as I felt in the Great East Japan Earthquake,
Tomorrow will not always advance to that goal.
Linking that feeling with what I felt when I climbed Yamanashi
This is the song I wrote down.

"Skateboarder" Self-Liner Notes

When I reunited with a male friend over the age of 30,
"Work, marriage, children, parents, what to do"
Seeing where to put my axis,
I felt that it was time to make a different decision from women.
At such times, I often pass by a man riding a skateboard in the city,
While there are many modes of transportation, choosing a skateboard
It's simple, but I think it's linked to the man's core.
No matter which route you choose, women will be better at getting it right.
But the rough sound of skateboard rubbing against the road
I choose this.
I will proceed with this.
It sounds like the weight of a man's decision,
It was the opportunity to write this song.

"All My Time" Self-Liner Notes

If you realize that you can make a favorite person, the time with that person becomes the center,
It's natural to be next to
But when I'm so absorbed in myself, I end up being myself with nothing like that.
I also have such experience.
It's important to have more time next door,
Act alone, see something alone, feel alone, bring back that feeling alone.
I think that what I feel in that way comes out in terms of thinking, facial expressions, and words.
If there's always such a change while I'm not next to you,
I'm sure they can inspire each other and stay together forever,
That's the song I wrote because I wanted to be so.

"I" Self-Liner Notes

There was a boss I couldn't understand
Until now, I was good at living by listening quietly, but
I hate myself for being a habit of living according to people,
I felt that it was time to change, so I decided to leave the workplace.
Believe that someday I'll be glad I'll do this
I was desperate to look forward and live.
It's a song I wrote at that time.

"Typhoon No. 18" Self-Liner Notes

I was touched by a person I had been with for a long time.
I can't write any songs at all,
The blurry day lasted for about three months.
At that time
Typhoon No.18 is here
The company is closed.
Afternoon was vacant
The typhoon is gone
When you open the shutters and curtains
The sky was so clear
The birds are singing
A tree with water drops sways
Take the pen off
With the guitar next to me
The feelings of 3 months are strange
It changed into words.

"Onegai" Self-Liner Notes

A man who doesn't show his emotions
When you fall in love
I wonder if this will happen
I would be happy if this was the case
Thinking so
This is the song I wrote.

"Girls" Self-Liner Notes

I wrote that I think that women are different from men in that they think about things in a troublesome manner.
I also experienced it, but in the world of girls with “out of companions” and “needs”,
I was made to be sensitive.
As it grows up,
After a day in the bath
Ah, it wasn't like that. Thinking round and round from small things, worried, crying, determined.
But since I decided, I'm clean.
That is why it may be possible to support men.
I couldn't cry easily in public,
In the bath, return to the miserable self, wash it away, and look forward.
I always sing because I think that women's sensitive emotions and unfathomable strength are wonderful

"Present-Connecting-" Self Liner Notes

When I was a kid, I called Santa Claus
Ask your parents to tell you that you have an old man,
Write a letter when Christmas approaches,
I was talking to the sky.
Parents' words and adults' words
I think it can change the mind of a child like magic.
Adults and supermarkets on the train
The manners and behavior of adults lined up at the cash register
Immerse yourself in the pure heart of your child.
I have also been told, "Your young child these days."
"Then what about you?"
Before telling adults,
As an adult who sees himself in children,
It's a song that I made because I wanted to be a cool adult.

"Mission" Self-Liner Notes

About 30 years old.
As a music, I enjoy playing 1.2 times a month
When I was thinking of continuing,
I want to work here for the rest of my life
I met a wonderful workplace.
Studying at work is fun,
Blessed with good colleagues
Perhaps because I also became able to think with plenty of time,
Good music was born with nature.
The number of friends who can be trusted by music is increasing,
It’s getting more fun,
With trusted office people
I met.
Still, I enjoyed my work,
A complete double life has begun.
Work, music, women.
What you should do
Thinking about what to live most importantly,
This is a finished song.

"Tanabata" Self-Liner Notes

July 1, 2015, which is less than a year after I quit my job.
The one-man live from Recco at Motion Blue Yokohama I've always wanted to do.
When I decided to do this live, I had not decided to major debut yet,
I was worried that I could attract customers by myself at the place I admired.
But on that day,
At the venue where all the seats were filled, I was applauded with my favorite members on the stage,
It was a happy time to die.
And the people who have been supporting us all the time, and the people we have just met,
I also announced my major debut in front of my mother who hadn't seen my live for many years.
This song I made because I wanted to capture every moment at the venue on that day and leave it like a photo,
I thought it was a song that could be included because it was this album.
Thanks to everyone for being happy on this day,
Thanks to everyone for singing this day,
It's a song that was made because everyone said they were happy to be here this day.