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●NakamuraEmi New Album “KICKS” All songs announced!!

1. Light a fire
2. Umeda night
3. Festival (feat.???)
4. Sunny
5. Daydream
6. Snow pattern (feat. Sarasa & Kazuyo Izawa)
7.Love at first sight
8.Hello Hello (feat.???)
9.The ultimate holiday
10.One yen



●NakamuraEmi New Album “KICKS” first collaboration artist announcement & collaborationist comments released

"Snow pattern (feat. Sarasa & Kazuyo Izawa)"
[Sarasa Comment]

I have included the ``Snow Pattern'' which is said to have been written on a day when Kanagawa had heavy snowfall.

Emi is an important person to me, as she is my favorite artist and also like an older sister.
I'm happy to be able to share my work with people I care about, and I was very happy when I was asked to do so.

I don't like winter, and I like low sounds, so if I write songs with snowy scenery in mind, I feel like the expressions will only come out somewhat dark and weak, so Emi-san, Kawamura-san, and Izawa-san... It was a fresh and challenging experience to be able to work with him on the sad, cold, yet sparkling sound that he creates. Please enjoy the album!

[Comment from Kazuha Izawa]

On the day of the recording, Sara-san, Emi-chan, and Kawamura-san played at the same time.
It brings back memories of being overwhelmed by everyone's level of density.
Kawamura-san's arrangement also shined, Emi-chan's lyrics and groove, Sarasa-san's tone of voice, everything was comfortable.
I'm honored to be able to participate.
I hope the music reaches everyone gently and softly.


●“Ignite” will be aired on radio for the first time! !

2024.4.25 (Thursday)
(Mon-Thu 14:00-17:51)
It has been decided that it will be aired!


●Announcement of detailed benefits for purchasers of the album “KISCK”!



●To commemorate the release of the album “KISCK”, an in-store event will be held!

Wednesday, May 5th 29:20 Tower Records Shibuya store
June 6st (Sat) 1:12 Tower Records Nagoya Parco store
June 6st (Sat) 1:18 Tower Records Umeda NU Chayamachi store
[Event details] Mini live autograph session scheduled

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●Emi Nakamura Official Interview
"Emi Nakamura's 8cm single trilogy that expanded the world" has been released
INTERVIEW & TEXT:Yukako Yajima



●Archive distribution of “Augusta Camp in U-NEXT ~Favorite Songs~” Vol.8 has started!!

Archive distribution of "Augusta Camp in U-NEXT ~Favorite Songs~" Vol.2024.2.12, which was held at Ueno YUKUIDO Kobo on Monday, February 8, XNUMX, has started!
This distribution will be NakamuraEmi's first
You can also enjoy 3D sound "Dolby Atmos(*)".

[Archive distribution]
“Augusta Camp in U-NEXT ~Favorite Songs~” Vol.8 NakamuraEmi

<Viewable device>
・ Smartphone / tablet (U-NEXT app)
・ PC (Google Chrome / Firefox / Microsoft Edge / Safari)
・ TV (Android TV / Amazon FireTV / FireTV Stick / Chromecast / Chromecast with Google TV / U-NEXT TV / AirPlay)
・Game machine (PlayStation®4 / PlayStation®5)

<Augusta Camp in U-NEXT ~Favorite Songs~ special page>

All performances of “Augusta Camp in U-NEXT ~Favorite Songs~” will be distributed exclusively on U-NEXT!! (*)
Since it is an unlimited viewing distribution, anyone who is a monthly member of U-NEXT can view it.
Those who are in the free trial period at the time of each live distribution and missed distribution period can watch it at no additional charge.
You can also watch it on TV, so please enjoy the live performance with high image quality and high sound quality.
* Some performances other than real-time live distribution will be included.


●Emi Nakamura participated in writing the lyrics of "Let's Just Be -Japanese ver-" included in REJAY's 1st EP "18"

1st EP 『18』
Distribution date: Friday, March 2024, 3
▼ Delivery link
*Distributed on major distribution sites and major streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify



●WEST. 10th Anniversary Single “Heart/FATE” “Habitual” song included in first edition B will be provided

2024.4.24 release
WEST. 10th Anniversary Single “Heart/FATE”
First edition B [CD+Blu-ray]
¥ 1,650 (tax included)
First edition B [CD+DVD]
¥ 1,650 (tax included)

2. Heart
4. Becoming addictive
5. FATE (Original Karaoke)
6. Heart (Original Karaoke)
7. ・(ten) (Original Karaoke)
8. Becoming addictive (original karaoke)


●NakamuraEmi “Haruku” release commemorative campaign decided!!

Billboard Live venue exclusive bonus sticker gift!

2023.7.8 release “Ultimate Holiday”, 11.10 release “Daydream”,
And “Haruku” will be released on March 2024.3.8th, XNUMX.
To commemorate the release of these three works on 3cmCD,
Held in Yokohama on March 3.5th (Tuesday) and Osaka on March 3.7th (Thursday)
At the venue of “NakamuraEmi Billboard Live 2024 YOKOHAMA-OSAKA”
Please bring the 8cm CDs of “The Ultimate Holiday” and “Daydream”.
Furthermore, all those who purchase the "Haruku" 8cm CD, which will be sold in advance at the venue, will receive a
We will give you a set of 3 jacket design stickers for each of the 3 works!

8cm CD of “Ultimate Holiday” and “Daydream”
Please bring it to the Billboard Live venue,
All those who purchased the 8cm CD of Haruku that will be sold in advance at the venue.
*Haruku is only available to those who purchase it at the venue.
*If you do not have "Daydream", it will be sold at the venue.
("The Ultimate Holiday" is sold out. Thank you for your understanding.)

[Eligible performances]
2024.3.5 (Tue) Yokohama / 3.7 (Thu) Osaka
NakamuraEmi Billboard Live 2024 YOKOHAMA-OSAKA
Venue: Billboard Live YOKOHAMA/OSAKA
1st stage open 17:00 start 18:00 / 2nd stage open 20:00 start 21:00



●Emi Nakamura “Haruku” 8cm CD pre-sale decided!!
2024.3.5 (Tuesday) & 3.7 (Thursday) NakamuraEmi Billboard Live 2024 YOKOHAMA-OSAKA will be sold at the advance venue sales!!

“Haruku” 8cm CD reservation page”
Columbia Music Shop
Reservations accepted from 2024.2.12:18 on Monday, February 00, XNUMX
All CDs are autographed by Emi Nakamura!!
*The 8cm CD will be sold in a limited number of 1,000 copies at Columbia Music Shop and live venues.



●Released on December 2023, 12
It was included in Disc 2 of the latest album "Imamo Dorananeiyo."
I'll never forget this tribute song
MUSIC VIDEO (Shor Ver) by Emi Nakamura of “Make me a dog” has been released

"Make me a dog"
Lyrics & Music: Takahiro Shibata (I'll never forget you)
Sound Produce: Hiroshi Kawamura


配 信



●Commemorating the release of “Daydream”!Share campaign will be held!
We will give away signed original ice cream stickers to 30 people in a lottery!

Listen to “Daydream” on the applicable streaming service and post your impressions of the song, the song URL, and the specified hashtag to X (Twitter) or Instagram Stories!
We will give away autographed ice cream stickers to 30 people at random from the names of those who post!
We look forward to hearing your enthusiastic comments!
For further information, please read



●ado “Shingei” will be included in the coupling song of “Daydream” & back jacket released

[Comment from Emi Nakamura “New Era”]
Starting in 2022, “NakamuraEmi Sudden ONEMAN” is challenging the cover song that is related to the land that disturbs you.
At this year's Kanazawa performance, Yasutaka Nakata, who is originally from Kanazawa, will take on a new era of composition.
The day of the live performance was International Jazz Day, and the venue, Mokkiriya-san, is a restaurant where many jazz musicians come to perform, so the atmosphere was very exciting with a mix of jazz tastes.
Although there are many tricks, the lyrics and melody naturally fit the body.Once again, I felt the greatness of Mr. Nakata and Mr. Ado.
The new and mysterious worldview found in the original song and movie has touched the hearts of many people.Drummer Shun Ishiwaka's wonderful improvisation is also impressive.
Our new era with a tangy taste has been completed.



●Emi Nakamura “Daydream” 8cm Single CD pre-sale has been decided!!

2023.11.9 (Thu) NakamuraEmi Sudden ONEMAN 2023 in Tokyo BAND Ver.
Sales have been decided at the advance venue sales event!!

““Daydream” 8cm CD reservation page”
Columbia Music Shop
2023.10.13 (Friday) 20:00-Reservation acceptance start
All CDs are autographed by Emi Nakamura!!
*The 8cm CD will be sold in a limited number of 1,000 copies at Columbia Music Shop and live venues.



●I'll never forget it. I decided to participate in the tribute project.

Released on Wednesday, December 2023.12.13, XNUMX
It's included in Disc 2 of the latest album "Imamo Dorananeiyo."
I have decided to participate in the special tribute project “I tried to sing ``I won't forget''!
The song is a tribute to “Donu ni ni kure”! !

I'll never forget you New Album "I'll never forget you even now."
DISC2 recording
special tribute project
``I tried singing ``Unforgettable''''
Participating artists and songs included

■Yuko Ando “Know it”
■Azusa Tadokoro “Say I Love”
■NakamuraEmi “Please make me a dog”
■Nekry Talkie “Let’s do a band”
■Eriko Hashimoto x I'll never forget "ABC starting with C"

Don't forget
New Album “I still can’t forget it.”
Released on Wednesday, December 2023.12.13, XNUMX
・Limited to order UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE edition
(2CD + T-shirt included) ¥7,500 + tax
Now accepting orders (Application period: Until 10.15 (Sunday) 23:59)

・Regular edition (2CD) ¥4,500+tax
For more details, please visit the official homepage



●Kuwana charm finder talk event held & live broadcast decided

2023.11.15 (Water)
NakamuraEmi & Mummy-D “Ultimate Holiday in KUWANA” Talk Event @Tokyo

Starring: Emi Nakamura / Mummy-D
Kuwana City Mayor Tokuo Ito (special guest)
Moderator: Masatoshi Murata (Pony Canyon Co., Ltd.) 

Venue: 5rd floor event sukima, Pony Canyon Co., Ltd. Head Office, 17-XNUMX Roppongi XNUMX-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo
START/19:00 (OPEN/18:30 scheduled)
Delivery URL:

-Recruiting event viewing participants-
With Emi Nakamura, who has been appointed as the "Charm Finder" who spreads the charm of Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture.
A talk event will be held where Kuwana Meister Mummy-D, who knows everything about Kuwana City's charms, will talk about Kuwana City.
On the day of the event, it has also been decided that there will be a live broadcast from the venue on Youtube.
In addition, 50 people will be invited to view the venue by lottery.
If you are interested, please apply using the form below.
Application deadline: Until 2023.10.15 (Sunday) 24:00
We look forward to receiving many applications!



●The playlist "8cm CDs who dominated Nakamura Emi's youth" has been released on various distribution services!

A playlist that summarizes the songs released on 8cm CD that Emi Nakamura purchased in her youth has been released!
Please listen to the playlist selected by him!

▼ "8cm CDs that dominated Nakamura Emi's youth"



Kuwana Attractive Finding Bit Kotrip "Kuwana Experience Articles" Released

The other day, an article about Kuwana City's ambassador "Kuwana Attractive Mitsukebito", which was announced as an ambassador in Mie Prefecture, has been published.
It is an article where you can feel the charm of Kuwana City, so please check it out.
Article URL:
Text: Takako Toyono Photography: Chiemi Shimizu



● Release commemorative SNS campaign decided!

Tell us about your “ultimate holiday”!
Twitter & Instagram share campaign will be held!

Listen to "The Ultimate Holiday"
Please tell us the ultimate holiday you think of using the designated application method!
We will present the “ultimate holiday companion tote bag” to 20 people by lottery from the names of those who posted.
It's easy to apply, so please join us!


Click here for details on how to apply


● Release of the set list

23.7.7 NakamuraEmi COTTON CLUB
"Tanabata is here. ~ 2023 ~"
Distribute the setlist as a playlist▼

Vo.Nakamura Emi
Gt. Hiroshi Kawamura
Ba. Haruna Makiyama
Dr. Takashi Kashiwakura
Pf.Kazuha Izawa



● Emi Nakamura will be appointed as the charm finder of Kuwana, Mie Prefecture

I have been appointed as an ambassador for Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture, "Attractive Mitsukebito".
Over the course of a year, we will fully convey the charm of Kuwana.
Emi Nakamura's visit to Kuwana will soon be published on Kotrip, a media that disseminates information on "new trips".



Ultimate holiday official poster data distribution gift

The ultimate holiday official poster data is being distributed as a gift.
PDF data (suitable for printing)
DL deadline: Until 7.12 (Wednesday)
Recommended paper for printing: Matte coated

JPEG data (suitable as image storage data)
Download: URL
Download deadline: Until 7.10 (Monday)




● Kyuukyoku no Hijutsu / WOW WAR TONIGHT ~Movement to wake up at times~ 8cm CD back jacket released


[WOW WAR TONIGHT ~Time to wake up movement~ Comment from Emi Nakamura]
Starting in 2022, “NakamuraEmi Sudden ONEMAN” is challenging the cover song that is related to the land that disturbs you.
This song, which I sang for the first time in a while, brought back my youth at once, and at the same time, now that I'm older, the content of the lyrics stuck in my heart again, and Hiroshi Kawamura's unexpected arrangement was added to it. Once again, I am captivated by this song.
This time, the recording method that I was thinking about in advance overlapped with the method that Mr. Komuro recorded at the time.If you want to go this far, I paid homage to the sideways 8cm CD jacket, which was fresh at the time.Thank you for your kind acceptance.
The first cover song release has become a favorite song that connects something unchanging between the past and the present.


●NakamuraEmi "Ultimate Holiday" 8cm Single CD limited release decision!!

2023.7.7 (Friday) NakamuraEmi COTTON CLUB "Tanabata here. ~2023~"
Limited sales of 1,000 copies have been decided at venue merchandise sales and Columbia Music Shop!!

““Ultimate Holiday” 8cm CD reservation page”
Columbia Music Shop
2023.6.16 (Friday) 20:00-Reservation acceptance start
All CDs are autographed by Emi Nakamura!!
*8cm CDs will be sold in a limited quantity of 7.7 at the Columbia Music Shop and 1,000 live venues.
*Product sales at COTTON CLUB on 7.7 (Friday) can only be purchased by customers who have tickets.
So thank you in advance for your understanding.



Yuka Ueno's new album "Renai Signal" will be provided with the song "Choco or Ice"

[Release details]
New ALBUM "Romance Signal"
2023.3.22 release

*First Press Limited Edition [CD+Blu-ray]
¥ 7,000 (tax included)
Part number BZCS-91199

*Regular edition [CD only]
¥ 3,500 (tax included)
Part number BZCS-1199

<Comment from Emi Nakamura>
This song was born when Yuka-chan told me what she felt as she grew older. The strength of overcoming 10 years is reflected in her singing voice, and “cool Ueno Yuka” breathed life into “chocolate or ice cream”.During the recording session with Yuka-chan, I learned that she used to love ice cream so much that it became her staple food.Yuka-chan, thank you for the wonderful opportunity.


●I made a release comment for Keishi Tanaka's 5th album "Chase After".


●I made a release comment for Dino Jr.'s 3rd album "NO MAN IS AN ISLAND".


●NakamuraEmi Official Fan Club “Nakamura Garage” Open!


Before 2022please use this form.