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Born in Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
Born in 1982.

While experiencing various occupations, he encountered various genres of music and established a unique style of going back and forth between songs and flows.
The lyrics and melody that are spit out so powerfully that you can't imagine from a small body pierce the depths of your heart.

On January 2016, 1, released the major debut album "NIPPONNO ONNAWO UTAU BEST" from Nippon Columbia.
The recorded song “YAMABIKO” won power play on 52 CS and FM/AM radio stations nationwide.
One year after their major debut, the 1nd album "NIPPONNO ONNAWO UTAU Vol.2017" was released on March 3, 8, and the opening theme "Don't" of the TV anime "Laughing Salesman NEW" was released on May 2. Released the theme song single that recorded.
On March 2018, 3, the 21rd album "NIPPONNO ONNAWO URAU Vol.3" was released, and a national tour was held at 5 places nationwide.
In a collaboration project that started with a tie-up with Volkswagen, he wrote a new song "Aibo", digitally distributed it on October 10, and released a 17inch analog limited to 11 pieces on November 3.
On February 2019, 2, the Major 20th album "NIPPONNO ONNAWO UTAU Vol.4" was released, and a tour of 6 locations nationwide was held.
In October, a digital release of the ending theme of the second series of NHK E-television "Radian", "I didn't know".
In December, the digital version of "NIPPONNO ONNAWO UTAU Vol.12" RELEASE TOUR LIVE!" was released digitally.
On February 2020, 2, "NIPPONNO ONNAWO UTAU BEST5" was released, and the acoustic ver and band ver were delivered live.
2021年、3ヶ月連続デジタルリリースと題し、4月16日第1弾デジタルシングル「私の仕事」、5月21日第2弾「投げキッス」、6月18日第3弾「drop by drop」をリリース、6月2日にはドラマParavi「にぶんのいち夫婦」エンディングテーマ「1の次は」をデジタルリリースした。
On July 7st, he released his sixth major album "Momi", and from September he toured 21 performances nationwide with the album.

2002 Started an artist activity as "Emi Nakamura" who sings the gentle and painful melody of J-POP.
2009 Appeared in "Onrei".
2011 Being influenced by HIPHOP, Reggae, JAZZ, etc., he started a new activity as "Nakamura Emi".
The first one-man live scheduled for March will be canceled due to the Great East Japan Earthquake,
In August, a one-man live was held at the Kitasando strobe cafe in commemoration of the release of the self-produced CD.
Amidst the enthusiasm of unprecedented entrance restrictions, the company succeeded.
2012 October Released “NIPPON NO ONNAWO UTAU Vol.10” to support alosotimu.
The CD jacket design is handled by "OHESO GARAGE", a sukima/design design company in local Atsugi.
The CD release live will be Sold Out.
2013 May Hiroshi Kawamura, the guitarist of alosotimu, becomes the producer
Including the theme song "HoHoHo" written by the short film "usual colors" (Tomaki Tomoki Screenplay/Director)
New sounds, messages and unique packaging became a topic
The CD release live was also sold out at "Minami-Aoyama MANDALA", and it got a lot of attention with the success of standing out.
2014 Appeared as an OA at Augusta Camp in July.
In September, she appeared as OA on the Fes song in Hiroshima.
In October, she will appear in Osaka MINAMI WHEEL. *Cancelled due to typhoon
October Limited sales of "NIPPON NO ONNAWO UTAU Vol.10" started at Village Vanguard.
In the countdown on New Year's Eve in December, he also appeared in the 12th anniversary live of "JAZZ JUNGLE" held at JZ Brat in Shibuya.
2015 April Released “NIPPON NO ONNAWO UTAU Vol.4” with aloso timu guitarist Hiroshi Kawamura as producer as in the previous work.
Special handmade packages and special bookmarks have also become a hot topic, and they have begun nationwide distribution such as Village Vanguard, Tower Records and others.
Though it is an indie work, the music in the work is selected as a monthly track of InterFM and attracts much attention.
On Tanabata on July 7, at Motion Blue yokohama in Kanagawa prefecture,
"NIPPON NO ONNAWO UTAU Vol.3 release one man live" is held voluntarily and becomes Sold Out.
At the live MC, he announced that he will make a major debut from Japan Columbia, which belongs to Office Augusta.
2016 January 1 Released major debut album "NIPPINNO ONNAWO UTAU BEST".
The recorded song "YAMABIKO" has received power play on 5 CS and FM/AM radio stations nationwide, and is receiving a great deal of attention.
In May, the first one-man live "NIPPON NO ONNAWO UTAU BEST ~Release Tour 5~" will be held in Higashimeisaka,
On July 7, it was announced that a Tanabata one-man live will be held at Motion Blue Yokohama.
After appearing at many summer festivals, in October, we will have a cafe tour "NakamuraEmi CAFE LIVE TOUR 10 Autumn-You will have your dusk" over 9 places nationwide.
The two-person performance with guitar Hiroshi Kawamura, which was different from the band tour, was also very well received.
One year after the major debut, the MV of "Major Debut (Studio Session)", which describes the current state of mind, has been released.
2017 3nd album "NIPPINNO ONNAWO UTAU Vol.8" was released on March 2.
From the end of April, the tour "NIPPON NO ONNAWO UTAU Vol.4 ~Release Tour 2~" will be held with Hiroshi Kawamura, a guitar player, and 2 bands, and the band will be completed, and the final Tokyo LIQUID ROOM will be completed immediately.
Also this year, while performing lively activities such as many summer festival appearances and quatro tours with Salyu,
TV anime "Smiles New", specially produced short film "Yuki's unusual constitution / or how much money do I want?", NHK BS1 "T44 T54-para-athlete x artist [land version]"-(tentative )”, Asahi Shimbun radio commercials, music is used in many programs, commercials, movies, etc.
2018 On March 3, 21rd album "NIPPONNO ONNAWO URAU Vol.3" was released.
From May, we will conduct a national tour of 5 places nationwide.
Nakamura Emi x Volkswagen collaboration song "Aibo" was released on Digital on October 10th and 17inch Analog on November 11rd.
2019 On March 2, 20rd album "NIPPONNO ONNAWO URAU Vol.3" was released.
I started a national tour from March.
On May 5, during the tour, NHK (general) drama 29 "Mistress-woman's secret-" theme song "Bakemono" was released.
In addition, the ending theme of the second series of the TV anime "Radian", which will be broadcast on NHK E-Tele from October 10, has been decided to be the new song "I did not know it at all," and distribution will start from October 2.
On December 12, the digital version of the live version of the tour final "NIPPONNO ONNAWO UTAU Vol.11" RELEASE TOUR LIVE!" was released.
2020 On February 2, "NIPPONNO ONNAWO UTAU BEST5" was released.
We performed live distribution of acoustic ver and band ver.
2021 3ヶ月連続デジタルリリースと題し、4月16日第1弾デジタルシングル「私の仕事」、5月21日第2弾「投げキッス」、6月18日第3弾「drop by drop」をリリース、6月2日にはドラマParavi「にぶんのいち夫婦」エンディングテーマ「1の次は」をデジタルリリースした。
On July 7st, he released his sixth major album "Momi", and from September he toured 21 performances nationwide with the album.

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