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-NakamuraEmi is in charge of the image song (love at first sight)
At Shueisha HAPPY PLUS
Special Interview released to commemorate the release of “Ultimate Holiday”

● Pia [Live Report]
*Nakamura Emi made a guest appearance
2023.6.24 (Saturday) "Ryosuke Sasaki's performance with a rendition "Thunder, quietly roar" Second night"
of live reports published
Text: Tomoyuki Mori Photo: Yuki Shinbo

● Office Augusta 30th special site
Office Augusta entered its 2021th anniversary on November 11, 2.
We have released a special site that will send out various contents including information on the live project "MUSIC BATON" that has already started, so please check it out !!

●OK Music
* Live report posted

● In charge of music for the official image movie of Shueisha's portal site "HAPPY PLUS"

<Happipura Official Image Movie>

<First interview with NakamuraEmi>

<Second interview>

● Office Augusta 30th special site
We have released a discography covering all the artists we belong to on the Office Augusta 30th special site!
You can also search by age group and sort by artist.
In addition, links to YouTube and subscription services are set up for each work.
Please check it out and enjoy the history of Office Augusta !!


Office Augusta 30th special site

● The live interview of Instagram, which was delivered in commemoration of the release of "Love at First Sight" on 3.16, is released on the WEB.
Please enjoy the peaceful atmosphere unique to Instagram.
MC: Yukako Yajima (Music Editor / Writer)
GUEST: Hiroshi Kawamura
hhttps: //

● Real Sound
* Live report posted
"2man Live Series" League "" with SOMETIME'S and NakamuraEmi
A soulful performance that turned into the next power

●SPICE original podcast program "NUmile"
Our next guest is...
NakamuraEmi x Sakura Fujiwara is here!
2 weeks with MC George
Talk carefully about the swamp that is addicted.
No missed Listen!

・Delivery from 9:22 on Thursday, September 29nd and Thursday, September 18th
・You can watch it for free on Spotify
・ Hashtag # Numile
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● Podcast program “NUmile”
9.22 (Thursday) and 28th (Thursday) 18:00~

●Music Voice


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