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● April issue of "Atsugi Time"!
* "Atsugi Time" (published every other month) is a community-based free magazine that firmly conveys the "really good points" of local and Atsugi companies, shops, and people.
It is installed in about 120 facilities and stores around Hon-Atsugi Station.

● August issue of "Music and People" (released on Tuesday, 8)
● "Weekly The Television" 7/23 issue (released on 7/14 (Wednesday)) 
● Free paper "music UP's" 7/20 issue (released on 7/20 (Tue)) 
● "Fine" special editing (released on 7/29 (Thursday))
* Interview posted in the festival project of "Music chosen by that person" 
● Distribution of free paper "Atsugi Lovers" started