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Self liner notes

"Don't (Album mix)" Self-Liner Notes

When I was little, I was watching on TV, "Smiles"
The impact and memory are intense,
When I heard the theme song, I honestly thought it was impossible for me.
But I read the script again,
The feeling that I was taught in old tales when I was a child,
I can now understand the feelings of the side punished by Mr. Mokuroku as an adult,
I was surprised that it was the same as the theme that I covered in the song, and said that I would like to do it.

In this Album mix, the surprise gifts that Mouroku-san gave me have been slightly divided.

The work that became the theme song for the first time after a major debut was "Laughs Salen New",
And with this animation and everyone in the team, we were able to do "Don't",
It seems to support me until I die.

"N" Self-Liner Notes

This song was written by NHK-san on the occasion of meeting a para-athlete and a long jump Maya Nakanishi.
In an accident, I cut my right leg to become a prosthesis, and from there I became a para-athlete,
I asked her about her life, which is likely to be many movies.
Although I was called a normal person, I avoided writing about disabilities,
When I met her, my answer was clearly found and I made the lyrics as it was.

Nakanishi's silhouette when jumping looked like N,
Midwest N
Nakamura's N
It's a letter with a feeling.

As a person and as a woman, meeting Maya was the biggest event for me in 2017.

"Kakete yo yo" Self-Liner Notes

Even people who have never met can exchange words on SNS. It's a great time, good or bad.
When I didn't have a cell phone, I had no choice but to look into the other person's eyes and speak to them,
I needed the power to hurt and accept the other person,
At that time, the atmosphere and the expressions of the other party were all engraved in the five senses.

This time, we read the script with the story of the ending theme of the anime "Mega Robots",
Megalobox, who is fighting by making full use of the body and gear technology, is the current SNS society,
When junk dogs jumping into the ring had no cellphone,
It's a song that was written in that way.

Because I also rely on SNS, I get lost, hurt, and worry about many words.
Rather than worrying about someone who issues it, with an important fellow who can talk directly with each other,
Face what is lacking, what you train and what you aim for in the ring.
I was able to write about the important parts that only humans can do by feeling again from the appearance of a junk dog.

I was also watching "Tomorrow's Joe"
It is my 50th anniversary, and I am delighted to be involved in the newly reborn Megarobox with the help of many people.

"Newspaper" Self-Liner Notes

Every day, I live a life where I can't let go of the mobile phone, such as contact, news, and navigation when moving.
One morning, a newspaper delivered to the post as usual, suddenly,
The smell of paper, the feel and weight of the paper, and the feeling of temperature in the layout of the articles made me write this song.
When I didn't even have a pager, I used to spend a lot of my five senses because I had a lot of inconvenience between people and I felt like I was living with them.
Now that it's important to have a mobile phone that makes it easier for you to live alone,
The joy of dating people through the five senses
I thought that maybe the last generation would tell the children today.
I would be happy if the song could convey the temperature of such a person.

"Waiting for the Wave" Self-Liner Notes

Hiroshi Kawamura, a producer and guitarist, is surfing,
I go surfing in various places early in the morning, live performances and cold.
After seeing such a figure, I began to wonder what made me do that.
After that, when I went to the sea, I looked at the surfer,
While watching many surf movies and documentaries played by Mr. Kawamura in the moving car,
There was a moment when I was satisfied.
I knew that I was "blessed by nature" and "naturally utilized",
Far from feeling the importance of it with my body, I'm only taking measures against natural phenomena.
Surfers accept and appreciate the weather, the strength of the wind, the direction of the wind "what is born from the natural world", prepare,
The joy of becoming one with the waves is probably the best moment that only that person can understand.
Surfers, farmers, fishermen, etc.
People who feel the blessings of nature every day have a great power to live.

"Don't say a star" Self-liner notes

The older I get, the more I get older
With the encounter
Parting will also increase.

When your loved one is gone
"Sad" "Lonely" "How should I live from now on"
The spiciness is cruel and my chest feels painful
The cruelty is because I had many happy times.
I'm sure there will be times when "I was happy" outweighs the pain.

I will come to you one day
It's a song I wrote to keep the front even a little.

"Classroom" Self-Liner Notes

I was self-centered when I was little, but I was disliked by girls in my class, and I decided to become sad and change myself.
All I had to do was to fix myself, but I myself went dyeing the colors of the children in my class.
I always had the same opinion as everyone else, and I didn't dislike it when I was smiling, and I thought that was the correct answer.
However, when I went out into society as it was, I was a boring adult who said, "I don't have my own personality" and "Happo Bijin."
I'm still looking for myself, now that I'm 36 years old.
Even if people say, "The world is wide," there is no money, no car, and no one can get out of their environment.
But I want you to know that the house, classroom, and school in front of you are not the only things in your head.
If you live in such an environment, your "self-esteem" will surely show you a wide world.
It's a cool song for me, but this is the song that I thought was what the students could still tell.

"Motivation" Self-Liner Notes

To do various jobs
Encounter people of various occupations
Each has its own rules
Each color was also available.
But what made me realize that it's important in any workplace
It was about making an effort to smile.

You can laugh! Even when
Even when it’s troublesome
Even hard workday on Monday
When you try to smile
I'm kinda looking forward
People around me also smile and talk more
That in the end makes me feel better
I noticed that a mysterious chain reaction was happening little by little.

Small little things that lead to miracles
It's a song I wrote because everyone in the workplace taught me negative things.