Singer Song Writer


Self liner notes

"Rebirth" Self-Liner Notes

Why are you playing music? Is asked,
“Yes, I want to impress people,” he said 10 years ago.
I dressed up and performed live, and the music I made was "something uncomfortable"
I was told by friends who are doing HIPHOP.
Now I can clearly see what that discomfort is.
I can't solve my weak points,
Music with beautiful words arranged just to get someone to admit to impress someone.
After I realized that, I changed my way of life rather than music.
I did my best in my work.
I sang the finished song on a T-shirt, denim, and on stage with no makeup.
Customers have changed and I have been confused and drastically reduced,
Under such circumstances, I met a customer who is still supporting me.
You can reborn if you don't escape.
From my childhood until now,
And it is a song packed with the fact that I could meet the sound of HIPHOP.

"Listen to what adults say" Self-liner notes

"I don't know unless I try that."
I often rebelled against adults saying, "What do I know?"
But now when I talk to a teenager,
"That's..." makes me cry.
Maybe you want to give directions because of your own experience.

I wonder if what adults say is just selfish,
Is it a word I'm saying because I think it will be for you someday?
How you take it is up to you.
But it's no use knowing which one.
Then, after listening to many "words" that adults say,
I’m convinced, I don’t want to be like that,
Accumulate all good and bad samples,
It's a song I wrote in hopes of becoming a cool adult like you in decades.

"Haruto" Self-Liner Notes

I was self-centered, but in junior high school, my relationships were broken.
That's a chance, and if you adjust to the surrounding air without saying your feelings,
I was desperate to change myself thinking that human relationships would work well if I didn't say a word with thorns.
And that personality got absorbed,
After I started working,
Even when I should say my opinion, I can not say my opinion,
The relationships with people only spread shallowly.
It was just an Happo beauty.
I don't hate it, but I'm awkward.
Tell your true opinion. Say it's tough because it's loving.
That's why that person has his or her own everyday life.

"Bob Dylan" Self-Liner Notes

I've noticed a certain situation that happened over the years and summer.
As you grow older little by little
I’ve been in love for a while
I don't realize that I'm timid, but I'm trying hard at the work in front of me.
Those who are married or have become mothers may have similar thoughts although their shapes may be different.
But I think that such a wonderful moment of romance is an important thing to remember as a woman.
This song was first co-written with guitarist and producer Hiroshi Kawamura.
I would be happy if you could be close to your feelings.

"Sunflower will bloom" Self-Liner Notes

Men and women are different.
At first I just wanted to be with you,
If you stay for a long time, you get more and more desire,
In the meantime, the difference between them turned into something I couldn't understand
I even hate myself for being angry.

When I was worried about such a thing,
In the sunflower field near my house
Looking at the sunflowers that were dignified and smiled one by one,
I also wish I could be like this.

If I take care of myself and proceed,
It may be possible to become a woman who can support the way of life together.
This song made in the playing era can still be like a sunflower
I'm singing, reconsidering myself.

"Hawaii and Japan" Self-Liner Notes

I am the type of person who can write songs only in life.
After debuting, thankfully many live performances
We have been active.
In a sense, it has become a repetitive environment, but once it is different
What if you look at the world? And the manager who gave me a chance
And everyone on the team.
In September I went on a solo trip to the Big Island of Hawaii.
I cannot speak Japanese because the island of Hawaii is a countryside.
I can't speak English at all, so I'm thrilled like a child
The five days I was excited about and saw and felt
It is a song I wrote as it is.
The sounds that impressed me while I was traveling
I packed it like a toy box.
The smiles and spectacular scenery of the people of the Big Island are treasures.
I hope everyone in the team can go someday.

"Meshiagare" Self-Liner Notes

I can't write liner notes
The song is the lyrics as it is.
I live in my parents' house now.
It was embarrassing when I was just back home, but the time I spend together is so irresistible that I feel happy.
Perhaps it is because at this age, parents can be seen as one person.

I wrote about my family for the first time.

"Major Debut" Self-Liner Notes

Music that came by trial and error.
If you belong to the office or make your debut
I thought that the shape would change.
But that anxiety quickly went away.
Eat rice, drink alcohol until morning
Everyone on the team who made a lot of time to talk.
Sometimes it hits,
The team that became a family
"Nakamura Emi" is more important than me
He proceeded.

I am good at spreading music, but my music
The power of the major is that the sound can reach people who are not good at it.
In this world where various words fly around,
Don't forget your core,
I met this team,
I want to thank you for meeting my customers
I made this song.
It's been almost a year since my debut, and I'm very happy.