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2024.3.8 (Friday) 8cm CD & Digital Single Release
Self liner notes

"Haruku" self-liner notes

“Sunny” [make it clear] [clear your doubts]
When the cherry blossom season comes around, I remember my days as a student and realize how different things have been since then.
But now that I'm an adult, I've come to appreciate the beauty of cherry blossoms more, and that's not a bad thing.
You can take charge of your own mood and make your own start at any age without rushing.
When the cherry blossoms bloom, I want to walk under them while listening to this song.
It's a youth song for adults, and I'd be happy if there was a moment when everyone felt better.

"Kaede" self-liner notes

``Sudden ONEMAN'', which started in 2022, challenges cover songs that are related to the season or region.
We performed this song at our Toyohashi performance in October 22, just as the leaves were starting to turn red.
When I was in high school, my younger brother and I listened to Kaede's 8cm single.
I don't try to cram in 100% of the sadness and pain, but I mix blank sukimas and mysterious expressions, which is why
My feelings sink into the song, and by the time the chorus comes, it feels like the song is about me.
Music is endless and it's scary how such beautiful melodies and words can be created.
Maple, which has the image of autumn, blooms small flowers in spring.
I'm happy that ``Haruku'' along with ``Kaede'' has been made into an 8cm CD, and I would like to give it to my younger brother as a present.