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2023.11.10 (Friday) 8cm CD & Digital Single Release
Self liner notes

“Daydream” self-liner notes

Family, lover, friends, workplace.The more important relationships you have, the more difficult it becomes to express what you really feel and who you really are.
If you tell them, they might hate you, and it might even lead to a fight.Even so, the time has come to tell you something, and sometimes you just can't muster up the courage to tell it.
That's life after all, so I'd be happy if it could be a song that you can lie down with at times like that.

“New Era” Self-Liner Notes

Starting in 2022, “NakamuraEmi Sudden ONEMAN” is challenging the cover song that is related to the land that disturbs you.
At this year's Kanazawa performance, Yasutaka Nakata, who is originally from Kanazawa, will take on a new era of composition.
The day of the live performance was International Jazz Day, and the venue, Mokkiriya-san, is a restaurant where many jazz musicians come to perform, so the atmosphere was very exciting with a mix of jazz tastes.
Although there are many tricks, the lyrics and melody naturally fit the body.Once again, I felt the greatness of Mr. Nakata and Mr. Ado.
The new and mysterious worldview found in the original song and movie has touched the hearts of many people.Drummer Shun Ishiwaka's wonderful improvisation is also impressive.
Our new era with a tangy taste has been completed.