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2023.7.8 (Sat) Digital Single Release
"Ultimate Holiday"
Self liner notes

"Ultimate Holiday" self-liner notes

Is it possible that my holiday is lonely due to the difference between someone's happy holiday photo and my simple holiday?Is it a pity?It is a song that was created because of a momentary comparison.
There are people who can control their ON and OFF time well, there are people who spend their time doing nothing luxuriously, and there are people who can't take their eyes off their work, housework, and family, even if it's a day off.I'm sure there are as many ways to rest as there are people.But I'm the only one who knows the moment when my heart is "relieved".Now that the life of removing the mask has begun, let's take a lot of deep breaths.
And may you have your own "ultimate holiday" for a few hours or even a few minutes!

"WOW WAR TONIGHT ~Time to wake up movement~" self liner notes

Starting in 2022, “NakamuraEmi Sudden ONEMAN” is challenging the cover song that is related to the land that disturbs you.
This song, which I sang for the first time in a while, brought back my youth at once, and at the same time, now that I'm older, the content of the lyrics stuck in my heart again, and Hiroshi Kawamura's unexpected arrangement was added to it. Once again, I am captivated by this song.
This time, the recording method that I was thinking about in advance overlapped with the method that Mr. Komuro recorded at the time.If you want to go this far, I paid homage to the sideways 8cm CD jacket, which was fresh at the time.Thank you for your kind acceptance.
The first cover song release has become a favorite song that connects something unchanging between the past and the present.