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2022.9.16 (Fri) Digital Single Release
"The Moon x Don't Say Stars"
NakamuraEmi × Fujiwara Sakura
Self liner notes

"The Moon x Hoshi Nante Nari" self-liner notes

Nakamaura Emi
From the live encore collaboration, the voices of the customers and the feelings of the whole team became one, and it was a work that could be created with pure passion.I can't believe that the songs that Sakura-chan and I made with our own thoughts in our respective places can become one like this.When the demo was completed, I felt like "we got married".A tour and recording that made me feel like a family from my longing Sakura.At Isse Nose, we recorded it like a live performance with the same members as that day.I would be happy if the breathing of the moon and the stars was transmitted.For me, it's my first collaboration work after my debut, so I will cherish it.

Fujiwara Sakura
I still can't forget the excitement I felt when Emi sent me the demo of this song.
First mashup for me.
I was talking about it during the MC of the live, but even the lyrics fit like it was originally in this form, and I kept taking my hat off.
We had a lot of different activities and experiences, but I didn't know such a wonderful reward was waiting for us after we continued to enjoy music. .
With the same 4 people as during the live, we captured the atmosphere of that time.
I hope you all love me a lot!