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Wednesday, February 2021.7.21, XNUMX On Sale
Major 6th Album
Self liner notes

"Drop by drop" self-liner notes

More time spent at home since last year
I also have more time to grind coffee from beans and drink it.

Drop by drop
Fall off the filter
Even a slight change will change the taste.
I thought it was kind of like a human being
Every time I drink coffee
I feel like I've added something
It was a strange feeling.

Familiar things
What i like
It teaches something like a mirror.

There are many things to get lost
I like it, I want to meet you, I want to do this
For songs that are close to your honest feelings
I would be happy if I could get used to it.

"Throwing kiss" self-liner notes

Every day the world has changed completely and I still can't finish it.
Medical people, students who could not do club activities and school events,
There is no end to the friends who close the shop.

Like folding a thousand paper cranes
Cherish your precious feelings
I wish I could someday throw a kiss all over the world.
It's a song with such a wish.

"Field" self-liner notes

Although the buds sprout at the same time, other vegetables bear fruit even if they grow large.
The surroundings are dazzling.Jealous.Why.I wonder why.
Why am I the only one left behind?

I grow more flowers and vegetables, and every time I touch the soil
I noticed that there are many parts that overlap with me.
Because I encountered such a conflict
Absorb what you can see and what is important to you
Let's take root and live.
That's what made this song.

"My work" self-liner notes

Look back at yourself
Rethinking work and life
I realized what I liked again
I think there are many people who have spent such a day in 2020.
How do you perceive the walls, the wind, and the spider webs?
In an era when you need softness
I would be happy if it could be a song that would be close to the side.

"I will" self-liner notes

I made this song with a voice from Dream Beer, who has been attending my live performances for a long time.
There are many things that can make your mind and body tired in any person or in any environment.
At that time, when delicious scents, delicious sounds, and delicious things come into your body,
You can feel jealous, change your mood, and feel radiant.
In today's world where fun is limited, you can find something to enjoy yourself,
I would be happy if I could feel this song as a chance to feel delicious and to have more time.

"Break" self-liner notes

"Oh, I'm sure I'll smoke at this time."
I often think so.
It's a song made through cigarettes,
I would be happy if there is something that you can feel now.
May everyone have their own dose.

"Next to 1" Self-liner notes

While various ways of thinking and values ​​are moving,
Do my values ​​match those around me?
I think I have to change because I'm no good.
The word HSP has come to be recognized in the last few years,
The nature of being aware of the details and thinking and acting is
It makes every day hard.
But to be aware of various things
That person can do it,
It's also an important feeling.
While there are as many different ways of thinking as there are people
I want to take good care of my feelings.
It's such a song.

"Cook rice hard" Self-liner notes

I'm attracted to the same part, or I'm attracted to different parts.
People who like it want to like what they like.
The more such thoughts are on the side, the less beautiful it becomes.
However, it is this person who can overcome it together when a difficult thing happens.
Eat the same rice, sometimes cheating and overcoming it many times.
I'm sure my father and mother, and those two I love.
Someone for someone today
I'm cooking rice.