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Wednesday, February 2020.2.5, XNUMX On Sale
Major 5th Album
Self liner notes

"BEST" Self-Liner Notes

The album name when they made their major debut in 2016 was "NIPPONNO ONNAWO UTAU BEST"
The word "BEST" was added because it was a compilation of all the works before the debut.
However, this time, I was able to release an album every year from that,
"BEST" was created because the customers, the media, and the team carefully and carefully supported the work.
Sincere thanks to everyone.
This song named "BEST" opens "NIPPONNO ONNAWO UTAU BEST 2".

"Tokyo Tower" Self-Liner Notes

Nothing went wrong
But I know the answer
But I couldn't control myself and it was Tokyo Tower that I was driving to.
In Tokyo, where glittering night views are increasing
It's warm and soft like a candle.
Stand here for any era.
It was so painful that I couldn't help it, but what I felt there was smashing in the memo on my cell phone.
I hate myself doing that kind of thing, but the words were reborn into this important song two months later.
Nights saved by buildings and nightscapes made by people.
Next time, I will go to Tokyo Tower again to thank you.

"I didn't know it at all" Self-Liner Notes

There are many people around me who are the exact opposite of my personality in a good way, and they take what I feel unpleasant with a completely different sense of value and expand it. That was the part I noticed again after being involved with Anime Radian.
I have many realistic songs, but it was the power of Radian to write songs with a wide world view of "sky, wings, and fly."
I hope that you will be able to meet people you have never known, through people and events, and become more wonderful people.
It became a song with that feeling.

"Fufu" Self-Liner Notes

"Write a song with the theme of abuse prevention"
I never gave birth to a baby I have never raised a child I haven't been abused I wondered what I should write.
But when I faced the issue of abuse and talked to everyone who was doing it, I felt it was not the case.
If this sad thing is happening in Japan where there are no nuclear weapons or wars, I would be glad if this song could be the trigger to think about what should be done so that it does not happen.
This is a song that was completed after a lot of discussions with Hiroshi Kawamura.
LaLaTV everyone, everyone in each group that faces abuse prevention
Thank you for your valuable experience.

"Bakemono" Self-Liner Notes

If I thought I was laughing, I was crying after XNUMX second, and I was already fighting XNUMX seconds later.
Women's emotions and sensations flow more and more like blood, and every day seen from their body, even a trifle of acorns can appear as large as a watermelon.
Disturb the hair, break the watermelon, straighten the hair, and turn forward.
This repetition is every day. every day. every day. every day.
That's why.
Therefore, after 1 second, she smiles with a beautiful smile and transforms into a strong and beautiful body.
It's a song with a respect for the XNUMX women who are full of personality and the women who work hard in the drama.

"Cry like the rain" Self-Liner Notes

As a rain woman, I had heavy rain at an outdoor summer festival.
Even on such a heavy rain stage, crying, laughing, seriously
Customers showed various expressions.
As a woman grows into an adult, the feeling that a man must be crying from a young age
It is because human beings are able to shed tears even when it is difficult or when they are moved.
I feel that it is important and meaningful.
It's not so much as a word, but there are various things that are small, but I may be able to create an opportunity to cry as much as possible every day.

"Sweetly sweet, I see it" Self-Liner Notes

Like the most novel-like poem I've ever written.
And it became my favorite song.
I am not confident in what I do, and if I try to give it, there are many disadvantages.
What I can do is to do my best.
Therefore, "Let's do our best" or "Fight against yourself", and more such songs have been added.
However, this song was the first to be embraced by admitting that I was good.
I was able to do so thanks to everyone around me.
I'm sure some people will love you for bad dance.

"Buddy" Self-Liner Notes

I love cars and have been riding since I was 20 years old.
Of course I like to drive, but a car is a valuable sukima where I can spend time alone.
Every day I rent a Volkswagen's car and go on a tour and go to and from work and home
It became a song as it was.
It's not bad every day, even if I'm not a person, there is an important existence that I can call my partner.

"Don't" self-liner notes

When I was little, I was watching on TV, "Smiles"
The impact and memory are so intense that when I was told about the theme song, I honestly thought it was impossible for me.
However, once I read the script again, I could understand the feeling that I was taught in old tales when I was a child and the feeling of the side punished by Mr. Mokuroku as an adult now, and the theme that I will pick up in the song I was surprised at what they had in common and told me to do it.
The work that became the theme song for the first time after a major debut was "Laughs Salen New",
And with this animation and everyone in the team, it seems that "Don't" was made, and it seems to support me until I die.

"Come on!" Self-liner notes

Even people who have never met can exchange words on SNS.
It's a great time, good or bad.
When I didn't have a cell phone, I had no choice but to look into the other party's eyes and speak to them, so I needed to be able to hurt and accept the other party, and the mood and expression of the other party at that time. One was that the five senses were engraved after that.
This time, the story of the ending theme of the anime "Mega Robox" is read, the script is read, and fighting by making full use of the body and gear technology is the current SNS society, junk dogs jumping into the ring There was no cellphone, it overlaps like that. This is the song I wrote down.
Because I also rely on SNS, I get lost, hurt, and worry about many words.
Rather than worrying about someone who emits it, face an important fellow who can talk directly with you, what you are lacking, what you are training, and what you are aiming for in the ring.
I was able to write about the important parts that only humans can do by feeling again from the appearance of a junk dog.
Now that I've been watching "Ashita no Joe" 50th anniversary, I will be involved in the newly reborn Megarobox with the help of many people.
I'm really happy.
That's why that person has his or her own everyday life.

"N" Self-Liner Notes

This song was written by NHK-san on the occasion of meeting a para-athlete and a long jump Maya Nakanishi.
In an accident, I cut my right leg to become a prosthesis, and from there I became a para-athlete,
I asked her about her life, which is likely to be many movies.
Although I was called a normal person, I avoided writing about disabilities,
When I met her, my answer was clearly found and I made the lyrics as it was.
Nakanishi's silhouette when jumping looked like N,
Midwest N
Nakamura's N
It's a letter with a feeling.
In 2019, he will participate in the gold medal at the world championship and also in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
As a person and as a woman, meeting Maya was a huge event for me.

"Newspaper" Self-Liner Notes

Every day, I live a life where I can't let go of the mobile phone, such as contact, news, and navigation when moving.
One morning, the newspaper delivered to the post as usual, suddenly, the smell, feel and weight of the paper,
Feeling the temperature in the layout of the article made me write this song.
When I didn't even have a pager, I used to spend a lot of my five senses because I had a lot of inconvenience between people and I felt like I was living with them.
With the importance of mobile phones, which make it easier for one person to live alone, the joy of dating people through the five senses
I thought that maybe the last generation would tell the children today.
I would be happy if the song could convey the temperature of such a person.

"Listen to what adults say" Self-liner notes

"I don't know if I don't do that." "I know what I am," I used to rebel against adults.
But now when I'm talking to a teenager, I start to say, "That is...".
Maybe you want to give directions because of your own experience.
Do adults say what they are saying for themselves, or are they saying that it will be for you someday?
How you take it is up to you.
But it's no use knowing which one.
Then, after listening to a lot of "words" that adults say, I don't want to be convinced or want to be that way,
May all good and bad samples be stored in you so that you can become cool adults like you in decades
It is a song I wrote.

"Major Debut" Self-Liner Notes

Music that came by trial and error.
I thought that if I belonged to the office or made a debut, the shape would change.
But that anxiety quickly went away.
Everyone in the team made a lot of time to eat and drink and talk until morning.
Although it sometimes collides, the family-like team promoted "Nakamura Emi" more carefully than I did.
I am good at spreading music, but it is the power of majors to reach people who are not good at music.
In this world where various words fly around, don't forget your core, meet this team,
I made this song because I wanted to thank you for meeting my customers.
It's been almost a year since my debut, and I'm very happy.

"Chiku" self-liner notes

This song was announced in Vol. 3 five years ago.
At that time, if something good happened to me
"Is there something wrong?"
"It's a sign that bad things will happen like this."
I was suspicious of anything and I couldn't accept the wonderful things
I wrote this song in the hope that I could become a wonderful woman who can be happy with it one day.
Five years later, I'm not as obedient as I am now, but rather than doubting like that time, I feel the importance of having good things going on.
I wanted to sing this "Chikuk" again by myself, so I drastically re-recorded it.
I hope you enjoyed the differences from the previous version.