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Major 4th Album
Self liner notes

"Silly or I" self-liner notes

Hard and painful
I think it's good
I think it’s good
But if you notice
Without disciplining it again
I try to get over it strongly.
in that case
Even more
More about myself
I have to cherish it.
Someone helped me
It's fine, is not it.
The keywords age and woman
It is a song made by intertwining.

"Cry like the rain" Self-Liner Notes

As a rain woman, I had heavy rain at an outdoor summer festival.
Even on such a heavy rain stage, crying, laughing, seriously
Customers showed various expressions.
The more you grow up as a woman, the more mature you become as a man
I have a feeling that I can't cry
Because it is a human that can be flown.
I feel that it is important and meaningful.
It's not so much as a word, but there are various things even if it is small
As a rainy woman, I may be able to make the most of the opportunity to cry every day.

"Woman's Friendship" Self-Liner Notes

I think that various episodes will surely come out if everyone talks about the theme.
I think that as one of those women, I have a messy way of thinking and feeling.
Perhaps it is the woman's instinct that is sensitive, detailed, and trying to escape the crisis.
If you don't protect yourself, you can't pour the motherhood, which is the infinite love that comes out of you, into your important people.
If you give love to everyone you meet, you'll surely have no body.
Under such circumstances, those who think "This is what it is" will protect it by instinctively shaving themselves.
This is true for friends as well as loved ones.
Don't let me say that the friendship of a strong woman like a umbilical cord is thinner than ham, not a red thread.

"Someday I can become a mother" Self-Liner Notes

There was a drama set in obstetrics and gynecology, and tears didn't stop every week.
A baby stays, grows hungry, is born, and the mother is fine.
I realized once again that it was a miracle.
And in recent years, every time a baby has been born or gave birth to everyone on the team or friends,
I'm so happy.
I don't know if I can experience "childbirth" in this life.
You may not be able to show your "grandchild" to your parents.
The miracle that my beloved fellow children are now here
It's a mysterious power to me.

"Omukai" Self-Liner Notes

Nowadays, the Internet has made it easier for people to live without having to be intimately connected with people.
But now I'm here with the tiny body and heart that I have left in my heart
Maybe it's because of the event.
I want to leave something for children who will grow up to feel such a temperature.
All the episodes that appeared in this song were true stories.
Happily, in the song, the person himself performed in a voice.
I hope that you will receive a warmth that cannot be translated into words.

"Pain" Self-Liner Notes

I was determined to enter the music industry
It was triggered by watching a live performance of Takehara Pistol, a senior at the office.
After that, every time I watch the live, I think I can't beat this person for the rest of my life.
If you have such a person in your family, workplace or school,
It's a really amazing encounter.
Being able to see a super cool person up close
You can see your eyes, but you can also set your own goals.
If you can't do this, you will start to feel the fight.
I can't say it in person, so I made it a song.
I'm glad to meet you.

"Sweetly sweet, I see it" Self-Liner Notes

Like the most novel-like poem I've ever written.
And it became my favorite song.
I am not confident in what I do, and if I try to give it, there are many disadvantages.
What I can do is to do my best.
Therefore, "Let's do our best" or "Fight against yourself", and more such songs have been added.
However, this song was the first to be embraced by admitting that I was good.
I was able to do so thanks to everyone around me.
I'm sure some people will love you for bad dance.

"Buddy" Self-Liner Notes

I love cars and have been riding since I was 20 years old.
Of course I like to drive, but a car is a valuable sukima where I can spend time alone.
Rent Volkswagen's car and go on a tour
Every day of working and going back and forth became a song.
It's not bad every day, even if I'm not a person, there is an important existence that I can call my partner.