Radio appearance information Wednesday, December 2023, 12 ~
Appeared on JFN's national network FM program "Kyoko and Masaya's Spice of Life GOLD".

Kyoko and Masaya Matsumuro will appear on the program "Kyoko and Masaya's Spice of Life GOLD" where they serve as personalities.
Tomoyuki Nagasawa and Takahiro Taniguchi will appear as guests for three weeks starting Wednesday, December 12th.

<Kyoko and Masaya's Spice of Life GOLD: OA Net Station>
  ① AIR-G' (Sat) 21:00-21:30
  ② FM Aomori (Wednesday) 20:30-20:55 *Fastest OA
  ③ FM Iwate (Tue) 21:30-21:55
  ④ FM Yamagata (Sun) 8:30-8:55
  ⑤ Date Fm (Wed) 12:30-1255
  ⑥ Radio Berry (Thu) 21:30-21:55
  ⑦ FM Fukui (Thu) 5:00-5:30
  ⑧ FM Gifu (Sun) 5:30-6:00
  ⑨ FM AICHI (Wednesday) 27:00-27:30
  ⑩ Kiss FM (Wednesday) 21:30-21:55
  ⑪ FM Okayama (Sat) 9:00-9:30
  ⑫ Hiroshima FM (Sat) 19:30-20:00
  ⑬ FM Tokushima (Sun) 7:30-7:55
  ⑭ FM Kochi (Sat) 18:00-18:30
  ⑮ FM Fukuoka (Sat) 21:30-22:00
  ⑯ FM Nagasaki (Wednesday) 21:30-21:55
  ⑰ FM Kumamoto (Thu) 20:30-20:55
  ⑱ FM Oita (Thu) 15:30-15:55
  ⑲ FM Miyazaki (Sat) 9:00-9:30
  ⑳ FM Kagoshima (Sun) 6:00-6:30
  * Each broadcasting station has a different on-air time.
  *There is a possibility that there will be a break due to breaking news, special programs, etc.
  Please check the homepage of each broadcasting station for details.
  *If you are a premium member (paid) of the app "radiko", you can listen to the broadcasts of the above stations from anywhere in Japan.
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Radio appearance information Thursday, July 2023, 11
Live appearance on FM802 “UPBEAT!”

»FM802 “UPBEAT!”
Live appearance on FM11 "UPBEAT!" on Thursday, November 2nd.
We are planning to perform at 13:00.

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Radio appearance information Wednesday, October 2022, 10, Wednesday, October 19

»TBS Radio "CITY CHLL CLUB"27:00 - 29:00

Artists and creators are in charge of the day of the week every month,
Based on the concept of "CHILL" (healing, wonderful, cool)
A program to create and open a 2-hour music playlist
"CITY CHILL CLUB" (broadcast from Monday to Friday from 27:29 to XNUMX:XNUMX)
Tomoyuki Nagasawa will appear as a music selector.

Please listen to it.

■ Broadcast date and time
・ October 2022, 10 (Wednesday) 19: 27-00: 29 OA
・ October 2022, 10 (Wednesday) 26: 27-00: 29 OA

■ Program HP
* You can listen nationwide with radiko's area free function.

Radio appearance information Friday, November 2022, 7

Comment from Tomoyuki Nagasawa at the July Monthly Special Program of Kyoto α-STATION, where Chitose Hajime is in charge of DJing OA

Radio appearance information Friday, November 2021, 11

»FM Osaka" hug + "8: 20-11: 00 Interview appearance

Radio appearance information Tuesday, June 2021, 11

»FM GUNMA" POTLUCK "16: 00-17: 50 Comment appearance

Radio appearance information Wednesday, June 2021, 10

»J-WAVE (81.3MHz)" SPARK "24: 00-25: 00 Comment appearance
* Navigator: Motohiro Hata
"quiz!Qin Monmon! !! 』Corner.

Radio appearance information September 2021, 9 (Thursday / holiday)

Special program just before "Augusta Camp 2021".

The navigator is Motohiro Hata, who is celebrating the 15th anniversary of his debut.
Tomoyuki Nagasawa and Sukima Switch, who are also celebrating the 15th anniversary of their debut, will appear as guests!
The history of "Augusta Camp", the treasured past live sound source, and the special prologue talk about "Augusta Camp 2021" that can only be heard on this program are a must-listen.

In addition, a video summarizing the recording pattern is available on J-WAVE's official YouTube channel.
Delivered for a limited time from September 9 (Thursday / holiday) 23:19 to September 55 (Thursday) 9:30.

J-WAVE Official YouTube Channel:

Radio appearance information Thursday, July 2021, 8

»FM α-STATION" LIFT "20: 00-21: 00 Appeared in the "VOICE TO YOU" corner comment

Radio appearance information Wednesday, June 2021, 8

»FM Nagasaki" Colors "16: 00-18: 54 Remote appearance
* The performance is scheduled around 18:00.

»FM NACK5" Radio Ana-Radiana "25: 00-29: 00 Remote appearance
* The date is scheduled to be around 8:26 am on Thursday, August 2th.