Tomoyuki Nagasawa latest playlist
"Chill Playlist 'Asahi'" distribution start

Distribution of a playlist with the title of the latest song "Asahi" has started.
It is a special playlist containing all 21 songs selected by Tomoyuki Nagasawa.

Contains healing songs selected from various artists and genres.
Please listen to the comfortable playlist.

▼Chill Playlist「Asahi」

▼ Tomoyuki Nagasawa BLOG “Asahi Playlist” commentary *Full release

Tomoyuki Nagasawa BLOG "Sunrise Playlist"

The discography of the artists belonging to the Office Augusta 30th special site is released !!

We have released a discography covering all the artists we belong to on the Office Augusta 30th special site!
You can also search by age group and sort by artist.
In addition, links to YouTube and subscription services are set up for each work.
Please check it out and enjoy the history of Office Augusta !!


Office Augusta 30th special site

Office Augusta 30th special site released !!

Office Augusta entered its 2021th anniversary on November 11, 2.
We have released a special site that will send out various contents including information on the live project "MUSIC BATON" that has already started, so please check it out !!

Office Augusta 30th special site

"Tomoyuki Nagasawa PASSION" playlist released

Tomoyuki Nagasawa's second playlist "Tomoyuki Nagasawa PASSION" has been released.

This work is from the latest album "LIVING PRAISE" with "Shukairo" at the top.
It is a playlist of XNUMX songs with the theme of passion and love.

Delivered in abundant variations
Enjoy special playlists in various scenes.

* "Tomoyuki Nagasawa PASSION"

A lot of Office Augusta contents are now available for unlimited viewing of U-NEXT !!

U-NEXT, which is delivering successive "Augusta Camp" all at once, will start delivering the following contents!

"Augusta HAND x HAND Online"
"Augusta Camp 2020"
"Sukimaswitch ARENA TOUR '07" W-ARENA ""
"Sukimaswitch 10th Anniversary" Symphonic Sound of SukimaSwitch ""
"SUKIMA SWITCH 15th Anniversary Special at YOKOHAMA ARENA ~Reversible~"
"Yu Sakai 10th Anniversary Special Live" SAKAI's JYU "!"
"Premium meets Premium TAKUYA OHASHI presents" Takuya and Masaya ""
“Matsumuro Seiya TOUR 2019“ City Lights ””

If you have a U-NEXT account, you can watch everything as much as you want!
For details, please see the special page below.

<Office Augusta Special>

<Augusta camp special feature>

"Augusta HAND x HAND Lab." Vol.5 is now available!

Vol.5 of the new project "Augusta HAND x HAND Lab.", Which deepens the collaboration album "Augusta HAND x HAND" released last year, has been released.
Yohei Hamabata and Seiya Matsumuro picked up one song from the songs recorded in "Augusta HAND x HAND", and covered the song with a narration and the studio performance video released in the special program "Augusta HAND x HAND online" delivered live last year. At the same time, we will thoroughly dissect the music from a unique perspective.
In the talk part, Tomoyuki Nagasawa answered the questions of Yohei and Matsumuro with comments! !!

▼ "Augusta HAND x HAND Lab." Vol.5 (pick up: Tomoyuki Nagasawa x Yosuke Sato x Takahiro Shibata (Wasureranneyo) "Kinouta")

The fan community "Augusta Crew" is releasing an after-talk after recording "Augusta HAND x HAND Lab."!
▼ Fan community "Augusta Crew"

"Tomoyuki Nagasawa BLUE" playlist released

Including the new song "Chubura no Uta"
A playlist "Tomoyuki Nagasawa BLUE" that collects all 10 songs has been released.

A wide variety of warmth in the sadness
Please enjoy the playlist.

* "Tomoyuki Nagasawa BLUE"

"Augusta Camp" is now available on U-NEXT !!

"Augusta Camp" will be held again this year !!
At U-NEXT, the successive "Augusta Camp" will be distributed all at once, including 1999, the first year of Masayoshi Yamazaki's independent outdoor event.
If you have a U-NEXT account, you can watch everything as much as you want!
For details, please see the special page below.

New project "Tomoyuki Nagasawa LYRICS" started

A new project "LYRICS" has started to deliver the songs of Tomoyuki Nagasawa that have been announced so far in a lyric video.
We will introduce 3 songs every week.

Please enjoy the lyrics world of Tomoyuki Nagasawa.

YouTube "Tomoyuki Nagasawa LYRICS"

Released a digest of "Augusta Camp 2020 Special Month on TikTok LIVE # 9" delivered live from the rehearsal studio of "Augusta Camp 26" held on September 27th and 2020th, 2020.

▪︎ September 9th "Augusta Camp 20 Special Month on TikTok LIVE # 2020 Digest"

Motohiro Hata / Hata Motohiro
 ♪ Kimi, Meguru, I / Kimi Meguru Boku
 ♪ Himawari no Yakusoku

Chitose Hajime / Hajime Chitose
 ♪ Wadatsumi no Ki
 ♪ Kurudandobushi

Tomoyuki Nagasawa / Nagasawa Tomoyuki
 ♪ Cork

Dedachi Kenta
 ♪ This is how I feel

Live music "IN MY ROOM" live report posted on "Music and people" COLUMN on Friday, June 6

・"Music and people"

Live report of "IN MY ROOM" delivered live on Friday, June 6 at POPSCENE


Augusta App <Augusta App> Released September 2019.9.12, XNUMX!

The official app for "Office Augusta" has arrived!

This is an official portal application that summarizes the latest news and live information of artists belonging to Office Augusta. By registering your favorite artists, you can collectively check your favorite information.

In addition, we will deliver a service that can only be experienced on the day of the live "at that place" on the Augusta application. If you check in at the venue, you can purchase digital lottery goods limited to the application and enjoy contents limited to the area.

★Augusta Camp 2019 special campaign decision

1. Installation gift
Install the Augusta app now and receive your original standby! !!
Please download from the banner of News Timeline TOP

2. Check-in campaign
An original smartphone sticker gift!
Please show the area check-in screen at the venue to the staff at the "Augusta App Booth"

3. App limited goods
App limited Augusta Camp 2019 Digital lottery once ¥ 1 (tax included)
You can enjoy it while waiting in line when purchasing goods, and you can purchase with credit or carrier payment in the application. All you have to do is exchange the items that were hit at the app booth!
[<Important> Please be sure to check]
Payment cannot be made unless area check-in is completed at the venue. Please make a note of your card information or carrier login information so that you can make "credit payment" or "carrier payment" in advance.

Click here for application installation and campaign details

Augusta App <Augusta App> will continue to deliver content that can be enjoyed by as many customers as possible, through the distribution of even easier-to-read news information and measures at each artist's live venue. Please expect by all means!

Augusta Official App

"Nagasawa Tomoyuki Acoustic Tour 2019'Soul Seller'" 4/23 @ Shibuya duo MUSIC EXCHANGE tour final live report posted on Real Sound.

・ Real Sound

Interviewed on the music information site "Real Sound".

・ Real Sound

An interview column is posted on the music information site "POPSCENE".


Tomoyuki Nagasawa will appear in the cover of Spotify's playlist "Blue Nikogatari"!

・ Spotify

Tomoyuki Nagasawa "Happy Holiday X'mas" will be delivered!!

As a present from Tomoyuki Nagasawa, every Christmas season, the song that was released on YouTube for a limited time is finally delivered!

"Sleeping Happy X'mas"
・ITunes Store: 150 yen
・Recochoku: 150 yen

Delivered with "Okomi Happy X'mas" subscription!
・ Apple Music
・ Spotify
・ Youtube Music

"Augusta Camp 2018 -20th Anniversary-" program will be delivered

Distribution and sale of the program broadcast on WOWOW is decided! It will be distributed on "Actvilla" from noon on Wednesday, November 11th.
・Actvilla(»How to watch)

It is also being distributed on WOWOW Members On Demand. If you subscribe to WOWOW, please use that.

Start of live repo of Nagasawa Tomoyuki Acoustic Live 2018 @ Minamiaoyama MANDALA on website "Real Sound"

Tomoyuki Nagasawa, an uncompromising attitude as a "musician" delivered with songs and guitar
Look at the acoustic live Tokyo edition
・ Real Sound

"Nagasawa Tomoyuki Acoustic Live 2018" @ Minami-Aoyama MANDALA live report posted on music site POPSCENE


AL: OTOTOY starts live report of "2 x AL" "SONG FOR YOU"


AL: Music Natalie starts posting a live report of "2 x AL" "SONG FOR YOU".

・Music Natalie

AL: Real Sound, "AL 2nd Tour 2018" @ Zepp Tokyo Exclusive Live Report Now Available

AL, the reason why you play music in the "band" shown in the one-man live Watch the album release tour
・ Real Sound

Office Augusta official account of the free SNS application "WeChat" that is used all over the world mainly in China is open!

*WeChat is a messenger app with a chat function, which can be said to be the Chinese version of LINE.

Office Augusta official public launch!

AL: Start of interview posting on the website "Music Natalie"

Now, "joy" is ringing [Power Push]
・Music Natalie

AL: Start of interview posting on music site "OTOTOY"


AL: Start of interview posting on music site "Real Sound"

The real pleasure of playing music with these 4 people revealed by AL "Different people gather to create a small heaven."
・ Real Sound

An official playlist that allows you to prepare for the songs of artists who appear at "Augusta Camp 2018" has started to be released on the music streaming service "Spotify"!

・ Spotify

The playlist release starts on "Apple Music"!

Tomoyuki Nagasawa for the first time
・ Apple Music

MV release of "Good-bye Zijo" (album's song in the heart's colored paper) on video service GYAO!

・Free video GYAO!

Chaku-Uta-Full, PC, and smartphone singles from the second album "Ogane no Jokoro" are now available on each music distribution site!

・Augusta Sound Plus

Register for the official mobile site of Office Augusta!

Office Augusta Not only the latest information such as live media by all artists, but also limited blogs, newly shot video messages, standby images, and other official content! We are also delivering a special message for mobile members only!

[Free service]
・Release・Live・Media etc.
・Free e-mail magazine

[Paid service]
・Artist/Staff BLOG
・New artist video message
・Standby screen・Standby calendar/decome pictogram
・Ticket advance reservation for live events
・Handwritten birthday email from the artist
・Other gifts for paid members only
* Membership registration (300 yen + tax per month) for the mobile site "Office Augusta" is required to use paid content.

Check here for details on how to register!
»Office Augusta Official Mobile Site

Register for Augusta Sound Plus!

Office Augusta official mobile music “Chaku-Uta Full (R)/Chaku-Uta (R)/Video Clip/Raku-Movie”/Melody Call/Machi-Uta (R) distribution site! A full lineup unique to the official site! You will surely find that song that you love!

On your smartphone, we are delivering "Melody Call/Machi-Uta(R)" that allows you to set the "ringing tone" of your mobile phone to your favorite music!
*¥100/tax/one song is required to purchase songs
*You will need to subscribe to the "Melody Call/Machi-Uta Service" separately from purchasing songs.

Check here for details on how to register!
»Office Augusta Official Mobile Site