Tomoyuki Nagasawa -Born May 1984, 5 in Fukuoka Prefecture

Tomoyuki Nagasawa

August 2006, 8 Made a major debut from R and C Ltd. with the single "Bokura no Kagayaki".

His first full-length album "JUNK LIFE" released in April 2011 became very popular in various places, and the range of activities expanded at once.

On April 2017, 4, the anthology album "Archives # 12", which summarizes the 10th anniversary of their debut, was released.

In 2019, he released two works, an acoustic mini-album "Soul Seller" and a band sound mini-album "SLASH".

Since 2020, he has been energetically performing live distribution releases and live distribution of "Blue Guitar", "Climax", "In the middle of the wide sea", and "March Wind".In parallel with his solo activities, he is also active as AL (Sohei Oyamada x Tomoyuki Nagasawa x Hiroshi Fujiwara x Daiki Goto).In recent years, he has been constantly distributing live concerts and releasing songs.

"Tomoyuki Nagasawa BAND LIVE 2021" will be held at Ebisu Liquid Room on March 3, 7.From May of the same year, "Sheep Cloud", "Chubura no Uta" and "Zhu Natsuiro" were released for 2021 consecutive months.In August, the 5th anniversary of his debut, he will release his 3rd album "LIVING PRAISE".

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