Takehara Pistol x Tomoyuki Nagasawa SPLIT TOUR "GAIN SPEED"

<Countermeasures against infectious diseases, wearing a mask and speaking out>

As of May 2023, 5, the guidelines for holding concerts will be abolished as a measure against the new coronavirus infectious disease, and individuals and businesses will take voluntary infection control measures.
In response to this, even for everyone who comes to the "Takehara Pistol x Tomoyuki Nagasawa SPLIT TOUR 'GAIN SPEED'", regarding infectious disease countermeasures, please make your own judgment according to your own physical condition and living environment. Please.

Wearing a mask is optional.Also, there are no restrictions on what customers can say.There is no problem with singing or cheering during the performance, but please enjoy it as long as it does not disturb the audience around you.
However, please note that if the venue has its own rules, please follow those rules.

The government has released "Infection control information" as reference information for voluntary infection control, so please use it.

Also, please check the notes below.

・Please take care of your physical condition before visiting, and take measures to prevent infection, such as washing your hands and disinfecting.
・Please be sure to follow the instructions of the venue staff so that the live can be held safely and securely.
・Photography/recording/recording during the performance is strictly prohibited.
・Please turn off your smartphone or mobile phone during the performance.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.